1. (of a letter, figure, or symbol) written or printed below the line.

1. a subscript letter, figure, or symbol.

1. 18th century Latin subscript – ‘written below’.

This is us

We are Subscript a digital title strictly concerned with underrepresented stories, content and ideas.

While traditional media houses focus on mainstream news in pop culture, we dig a little deeper to report back on the obscure talents, undiscovered places and new thinking that is often missing from the conversation, we find them and champion them FIRST.

About Subscript

Pushing the conversation forward 

Subscript gives you the news you’re missing, both by aggregating independent sources, as well as providing our own original content. All the while maintaining the informal, bold & inquisitive tone synonymous with our millennial audience.

All our content sits within five key sections:

Heart – human Interest stories, personal accounts, intimate and note worthy interviews, love, relationships and family.
Virtuoso – music, dance, art, photography, poetry, culture and inspiration.
Knowledge – literature, food for thought, self-help, social politics, money, sub-cultures, race, gender and religion.
Style -­ fashion, jewellery, design, hair and beauty.
Other – technology, niche products, food & drink, travel, sustainability, health, video games, alternative lifestyles and cartoons/anime.

About Subscript

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Staying true to our name we look ‘below the line’ and deliver weird & wonderful discoveries, honest real-life accounts and socially conscious conversations, all in a visually rich and digital-first medium.