Meet the upcoming soulful independent artist: Saint Joshua

Saint Joshua is a 26-year-old, British-Congolese, R&B/soul independent artist based in Croydon. Drawing inspiration from R&B and soul giants such as D’Angelo, ‘Channel orange’ artist Frank Ocean and Solange Knowles, to name a few. Saint Joshua is making new waves with a uniquely soulful and colourful sound fusing R&B, soul, and pop influences in his… Continue reading Meet the upcoming soulful independent artist: Saint Joshua

How the gaming industry lacks black female representation

To date there has only been a small handful of video games which have included black female characters as either main protagonists or playable side characters within the storyline. One notable character of African descent was In Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation the main protagonist was Aveline de Grandpre a Creole (African and French) woman whose… Continue reading How the gaming industry lacks black female representation

Art and censorship – Faron Sage on social media bias

Music’s relationship with the internet has come under the microscope in recent weeks, with the Spotify controversy rolling on. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have withdrawn their work from the streaming platform, yet these two artists hold privileged positions – they are established stars who can afford to pick and choose whom they work with.… Continue reading Art and censorship – Faron Sage on social media bias

The dark side of social media: A day in the life of an internet troll

A typical day for a troll I recently came across an internet troll who admitted openly on Reddit in the thread ‘DecidingToBeBetter’ that they were addicted to trolling, and were trying to stop. As they confessed anonymously, they said it had “been a few years” and that they “mostly troll on Reddit”. Since social media… Continue reading The dark side of social media: A day in the life of an internet troll

Must-see hidden gems: Celebrating new queer cinema on its 30th anniversary

Content Warning: This article contains mentions of queerphobia. Film academic B. Ruby Rich coined the term ‘New Queer Cinema’ in March 1992 in an essay for The Village Voice. The term was also famously republished in Sight and Sound in September 1992, in response to the rise in LGBTQ+ themes and characters in film.  According… Continue reading Must-see hidden gems: Celebrating new queer cinema on its 30th anniversary

Why the homecoming isn’t always easy

Even if you aren’t part of a military family, you will have seen footage of a homecoming.  A ship returning to families cheering and waving on the shore, waiting to be reunited. It seems like a joyous day, right? Mostly, yes.  You might not know that the homecoming isn’t always plain sailing after that showy… Continue reading Why the homecoming isn’t always easy

Can cultural attire become an everyday thing?

Cultural attire is rarely seen nowadays and is often disregarded as an alternative, with many ethnic minorities only wearing it on special occasions. In the UK, where there is a significant multicultural community, it is critical to truly explore and express this notion of bringing about change where there is comfort and spirit in wearing… Continue reading Can cultural attire become an everyday thing?

A new era: Meet the trailblazing designer bringing deadstock and vintage to the catwalk

Is the fashion industry on the brink of a new era?  The designer Conner Ives may just be the changemaker to start an unprecedented shift. Meet Conner Ives, a graduate of London’s Central St Martins, who made waves at the most recent London Fashion Week by using only deadstock materials and vintage pieces for his… Continue reading A new era: Meet the trailblazing designer bringing deadstock and vintage to the catwalk

West meets west: D’ART Shtajio

Born the brainchild of twin brothers Arthell and Darnell Isom, D’ART Shtajio is touted as the first major black-owned anime studio in Tokyo, Japan. Partnering with animator Henry Thurlow D’ART Shtajio is a 2-D animation studio that focuses on creating work at the crossroads between East and West. So in addition to its majority black ownership… Continue reading West meets west: D’ART Shtajio

MonoNeon – The luminous one

Hot Cheetos. Not the spicy corn-based snack that was once described by The Washington Post as “something of a cultural phenomenon”. No, instead I’m referring to the alternative funk-inspired song by artist and bassist MonoNeon or as we call him, the Luminous One. It was this track that sent me down the rabbit hole and… Continue reading MonoNeon – The luminous one

The new name in emerging London luxury

Another one for your bookmarks, meet Luxury by London, an online retail platform dedicated to London based independent and emerging luxury brands. Launched earlier this month, the new platform connects shoppers who are on the lookout for something new, different and unexpected with style, beauty and lifestyle creations by London’s best emerging luxury brands and artisans.… Continue reading The new name in emerging London luxury

Anik Khan – curry chicken meets collard greens

I went down the rabbit hole, last week. You know, the one where you start off looking for/reading/watching one thing, and then 12 clicks later you’re somewhere completely different and unrelated. This time, the deep dive had me watching The Cosign by Genius on YouTube. It a series of music webisodes where industry veterans watch… Continue reading Anik Khan – curry chicken meets collard greens

Happy Birthday to The Sims

So, the Sims turns 20 this year, marking the birth of the game that made PC games fun again. With 60% female gamers, the classic life simulation game allowed us to create our own fictional worlds through the lives of our Sims, from birth, to career, marriage, children and death, not to mention all the… Continue reading Happy Birthday to The Sims


I’m dubbing 2020 the year of Ethereal Pop and Alt R’n’B and honestly, I am here for it. With the likes of FKA Twigs, Kelela, Grimes and Lorde – I have no qualms with adding a new name to that list. Meet UK-born Sarah Faith Griffiths more commonly known as GRIFF. From the elemental production… Continue reading GRIFF

Meet Hilary MacMillan: The cruelty-free, body-positive brand for women

Introducing Hilary MacMillan (HMM), a contemporary cruelty-free luxury brand based in Canada. We happened across our new-found discovery as one normally does, that’s right, on our Twitter feed. Founded in 2013, HMM has become synonymous with creating versatile pieces with timeless silhouettes. In other words, they create classics not trends! High-quality fabrics, attention grabbing colours… Continue reading Meet Hilary MacMillan: The cruelty-free, body-positive brand for women

VAULT Festival: Champion of the arts

If you haven’t already heard, VAULT Festival is the latest in a long line of arts and entertainment festivals rapidly growing in popularity here in the UK. Kicking off on January 28th, this eight-week event is taking place at 18 different venues across the Waterloo area. Now in its eighth year, VAULT Festival brings together… Continue reading VAULT Festival: Champion of the arts

Good News: Changing the world one step at a time

In the spirit of all things underrepresented, emerging and ‘other’, we kick off 2020 with a new London-based footwear designer called Good News. This niche urban brand champions sustainability with trainers (or sneakers as they are described on their site) featuring: recycled rubber soles, organic cotton and weave uppers, and recycled eco-lite footbed. Aesthetically their… Continue reading Good News: Changing the world one step at a time

Book Review: Built on Sand by Paul Scraton

Our writer reviews Paul Scraton’s latest book and his first work of fiction, Built on Sand.

‘I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar’ – Period. End of Sentence review

When producer Melissa Berton and director Rayka Zehtabchi accepted an Oscar for their documentary, Period. End of Sentence earlier this month, one sentence in Zehtabchi’s speech captured the awe and elation of the evening. Steven Allison reviews their award-winning film and analyses how it can help India’s evolving attitude towards women.

The new dawn of fashion design – Bethany Williams A/W 2019

By utilising publishing waste and supporting a women’s shelter through her clothing, designer Bethany Williams is proving that fashion and ethics can go hand in hand. Jade Newman discusses her work, and London Fashion Week’s updated sustainable message.

Picks from the 2018 Ax Wound Film Festival

To mark 10 years of Women in Horror Month (@WiHmonth), Steven Allison chooses his top 5 films from @AxWoundFilmFest 2018, an event which champions horror films made by women #AWFF #WiHM #WiHMX

Black Orchard

The duality of the female form is celebrated in all of its glory as part of our first fashion editorial. The strength, power, and determination of Regal Culture, offset against the sensuality, tenderness and allure of Luxe Comfort come together to form what we call Black Orchard. But look at us now, Proud. We unbound… Continue reading Black Orchard

The thing we might have missed in Marie Kondo’s Netflix series

While we all binged Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, Tidying Up, Fernanda Mathias had her mind on the other things the programme was showing us: that domestic sexism is still rife in 21st century America.

Book Review: Mothlight by Adam Scovell

Test test test

From the mind of British Folk Horror writer/filmmaker Adam Scovell, Mothlight takes the reader on an atmospheric journey through love, loss, and life. Ashley Murphey reviews the novel and discusses the intriguing narrator.

The rise of tattoos in the fashion world

Tattoos. Once synonymous with trouble, crime, and danger, now working their way onto runways and ASOS models – how? Heidi Quill analyses the rise and fall of inked flesh in the fashion world.

Cashing in on ‘wokeness’: Why the Gillette advert is just an advert

Gillette may have made waves with their latest marketing strategy, but is the advert really anything for people to get het up about?

Navigating the tricky terrain of romance as a trans person

New new new

Think dating is tough? Try dating as a #trans person. Steven Allison speaks to two people about their experiences in the world of love and explores just how different those encounters can be.

Book Review: The Study Circle by Haroun Khan

A debut novel from a skilled and observant writer, The Study Circle is a work of fiction which an alternative look into modern-day urban Britain. Mariah Feria reviews the book’s timely and important themes and discusses the representation of a community that is so often one-dimensionally shown.

Who is SOPHIE?

Known previously as the producer behind famous names such as Charli XCX and Madonna, musician SOPHIE has used 2018 as the year to reinvent herself. Melchi Anyinsah-Bondzie discusses how SOPHIE is now a musical force to be reckoned with, and her growing importance within marginalised cultures

Names you need to know in African fashion

While Europe dominates the fashion world, young African designers and models are continuing to prove themselves worthy of a spot on the world stage. Heidi Quill takes a look at the annual GTBank ‘FSHN WKND’, an event that showcases emerging African talent.

Are we finally seeing diversity on global fashion catwalks?

Fashion catwalks – not somewhere widely known for being inclusive or diverse. But are the times finally changing? Heidi Quill discusses.

Meet the women using their style to challenge the ‘invisible elderly’ label

Being fashionable and trendy is often seen as something only young people can achieve. However, Jade Newman takes a look at the Advanced Style series, highlighting the elderly women who are using their style to challenge stereotypes.

How #metooIndia is confronting the ‘world’s most dangerous country for women’

The patriarchy that helped confirm Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court may reign strong worldwide. However, a second wave of the #metoo movement is helping to advance the discourse of women’s rights, this time in India. Steven Allison discusses.

Psychedelic research: the next steps in the study of the brain

As ‘magic mushroom season’ gets underway, Ashley Murphy takes an alternative, more serious look at ongoing the psychedelic research surrounding them – could shrooms be used to treat depression?

Celebrities who used Halloween to make a statement

Halloween – the scariest time of the year. But it doesn’t have to be all blood, gore, flesh, and sex. Heidi Quill takes a look at the celebrities who are using their fame – and Halloween costumes – to shout about important issues.

What Keeps You Alive – An enjoyable but implausible story of revenge

In his second review of our underreported horror movies series, Steven Allison picks apart the classic yet unbelievable plot of What Keeps You Alive

The war on throwaway fashion has only just begun

Worries about climate change have recently reached new levels, but is our reliance on quick, cheap clothing contributing to the problem? Stacey Adams discusses the environmental and ethical impacts of throwaway fashion.

Revenge – A timely, violent tale of female retribution

Photo by Zach Guinta on Unsplash

As Halloween draws nearer, it’s time to take a serious look at 2018’s horror movie offerings. Steven Allison starts by discussing Revenge, a tale which throws female vengeance into the spotlight.

#new Vogue – new era?

The December 2017 issue of British Vogue magazine was unveiled by the new editor in chief (EIC), Edward Enninful. His appointment as EIC was much anticipated and equally celebrated. Vogue, once at the forefront of fashion consciousness and lifestyle choices, was screaming out for change. It was trying to navigate a space where it no… Continue reading #new Vogue – new era?

The Mandibles [a family, 2049-2047] by Lionel Shriver, a review

This was my first encounter of Lionel Shriver’s writing, and I was certainly not disappointed. Known for other dystopian-style works such as We Need to Talk about Kevin and Big Brother, Lionel has a knack for really exploring the hard-hitting issues that are plaguing our modern society. The Mandibles takes us on the journey of… Continue reading The Mandibles [a family, 2049-2047] by Lionel Shriver, a review

#ustoo – it’s everyone’s problem

The world has been rocked over the past few weeks with the ongoing allegations of Harvey Weinstein’s outrageous sexual harassment towards members of the film community. Brave women, women who are often in the media spotlight, have broken their silence and supported one another as they speak out against the abusive, powerful, Hollywood figure. Another… Continue reading #ustoo – it’s everyone’s problem

How to soothe self

Stress and anxiety can weigh us all down at times, but you can overcome these feelings by using your senses to feel light again. A conscious connection with the sensory system enables us to de-stress. It brings us into a present state of mind, distracting us from past or future thoughts associated with unease. When… Continue reading How to soothe self

The power of walking

Ladies, a quick experiment for you to try next time you’re out. When you’re walking, see who moves out of the way for you – for example if you’re both on the same side of the pavement, about to collide with each other if one of you does not change their path. It’s something most… Continue reading The power of walking

Tuning your tummy

It all starts within the gut. This incredible internal system thrives on friendly probiotic bacteria to function effectively and support proper digestion. The key is to maintain balanced flora because when it is out of synch we can become quite unwell. Imbalance is common, especially given the combination of everyday stresses and processed foods that… Continue reading Tuning your tummy

The power of pilates

Pilates. This wonderful low impact workout provides complete conditioning for the mind and body. It focuses on correct breath and bodily alignment techniques, which help us become more in-tune with our movements. This is paramount to sporting performance, injury prevention and recovery, as well as good posture and our overall health. Pilates is an all-encompassing… Continue reading The power of pilates

Taking the plunge: House of Cards

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start a television show right in the middle of the action? Well, fear not – I GOT YOU. I’ve always wanted to watch House of Cards, and figured – this might be the most entertaining way to immerse myself in a new show. So, here… Continue reading Taking the plunge: House of Cards

Awareness – an approach to life

Sometimes it can be so difficult to keep up with todays pressured pace of life. Perhaps, it is the constant expectations and actions that pull rank over any real sense of awareness and appreciation for the day. This can spiral into mindless motion, endless disappointments, anxiety, and even chronic fatigue. As such, we may become… Continue reading Awareness – an approach to life

5 things I learnt from Love Island 2017

The trashy, pointless, yet brilliantly addicting TV show took over our screens for seven weeks this summer. Whether you wanted to watch it or not, and consequently whether you did or didn’t watch it, everyone who was anyone was talking about Love Island. I’m a veteran viewer, having watched the two seasons previous to this… Continue reading 5 things I learnt from Love Island 2017

Magnesium the miracle macro-mineral

This incredible mineral has a plethora of health benefits: Sleep well: Magnesium deficiencies disrupt melatonin our natural sleep inducing hormone. Relaxation: It eases tension and boosts mood hormones to calm the nervous system. Muscle health: It facilitates the growth of muscle mass and enhances cell energy stores. Bone strength: It is a powerful nutrient needed… Continue reading Magnesium the miracle macro-mineral

Let freedom flow

Feel inspired and ready to embrace the sense of spirit, spontaneity and adventure that summer brings. Given the fast pace of life, it is so easy to become stuck in a rut, doing things out of habit and constantly moving. It’s easy and it works but does it fulfil us? Rarely, in fact it can… Continue reading Let freedom flow

A female Labour PM is a long way off

The shock result of the 2017 General Election took everyone by surprise. No matter what side you stand on, it cannot be denied that the election and the race to the finish itself was full of drama, backlash, and more importantly, young people. Aside from Labour’s unexpected success, another record was also broken. We now… Continue reading A female Labour PM is a long way off

The dark side of tourism

Whether you’re after sun, sea and sand, adventure in the outdoors or a cultural city break, there’s more to consider for a holiday than just the destination. But how many of you research the country’s economy, attitude towards wildlife or crime levels first? There’s a dark side to tourism, but unfortunately most will turn a… Continue reading The dark side of tourism

The corruption of character politics

Snap! And there it went. Early in the night when the BBC released their exit poll on election day , I gleefully imagined Theresa May drafting up a eulogy for her premiership. Unfortunately, even though her leadership may no longer be “strong and stable”, she was still the leader of Britain. The conclusion of the… Continue reading The corruption of character politics

Why massage matters

Stress is known to be one of the greatest contributors to disease and continued unhappiness. It is also becoming more and more difficult to avoid in our daily lives. Thankfully however, there are plenty of ways we can positively manage it. One simple and effective method to reduce any dis-ease within the body is to… Continue reading Why massage matters

Wonder Woman – The sensitive superhuman

Strength and sensitivity are ingredients that have rarely been mixed in the super hero cocktail. Famed action figures have been hailed for their enduring efforts to defeat evil yet few have taken the initiative to question this ceaseless charade. Director Patty Jenkins has brought to life a refreshing female icon in the new Wonder Woman feature film.… Continue reading Wonder Woman – The sensitive superhuman

Meet the cast – 21st century dating

What is dating? “Never been through that, never experienced that, don’t know what that is. Just know, millions have.” Honestly, I wouldn’t lie to you – truly. Okay I lied, dating is tough and you’d think for a species that have been around for more than 200 million years, coupled with the fact that we have… Continue reading Meet the cast – 21st century dating

Make peace with imperfection – take a lesson from nature

So beautiful and yet quite imperfect in form. Our natural environment is a profound world of contrast and yet it offers incredible equilibrium between the simple and complex. There is something quite magical that resonates within us when we embrace the great outdoors. It takes us beyond the confines of the mind and brings us… Continue reading Make peace with imperfection – take a lesson from nature

Is anybody out there?

When I was younger, like most little girls, I wanted to be a princess. Cinderella, Snow White, Belle; take your pick, I could be them all. It wasn’t until I was much older that I started to understand the problems with Disney and it’s representation of women, causing me to look for role-models and aspiring… Continue reading Is anybody out there?

Belonging is beautiful

Community Collective. A sense of cohesiveness with others is incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing. Yet, in today’s technological world, we risk isolation and disengagement. There could well be a significant link between the advances in social media and the increased mental health issues we face in the western world. Less presence & connection can lead… Continue reading Belonging is beautiful

I went all the way to Disneyland and did nothing

28th March, 2017 – the day I went to Disneyland … and did nothing. No rides, no shows. Sure, I met Daisy Duck and sure, it was a great experience, but aside from that? NADA. Why? I hear you say. Well, as a social experiment, it was super interesting. The children gawped and the adults… Continue reading I went all the way to Disneyland and did nothing

Feel free to let go

As we go through the rollercoaster of life we can become quite accustomed to our routines and comfort zones. As creatures of habit we like to know what and how to do things. This helps us feel grounded, stable and in control. However, it can also lead to complacency and dissatisfaction. In turn this can… Continue reading Feel free to let go

The snap general election

Your Facebook news feed is heating up, and you’ve just discovered that you hate yet another cherished family member, which can only mean that there’s a general election coming. ‘Yer Da reckons that Corbyn “Isn’t up to it”, but you’ve just seen Theresa May fail to eat chips normally. The pieces have moved since the… Continue reading The snap general election

Writing for wellbeing

Taking the time to journal is so worthwhile. It provides a personal outlet that enables us to express and channel our thoughts positively. Here are some of the wonderful benefits it brings to mental health and wellbeing. CLARITY: The pace of life can be fast and often overwhelming; this can lead to a monkey-muddled mind.… Continue reading Writing for wellbeing

Nutrition for less stress!

Wholesome food choices are one of the best places to start when it comes to managing stress levels. There are just so many wonderful sources brimming with vitamins and minerals that the body needs to maintain balance, composure and resistance against the pressures of day-to-day living. Positive energy: Serotonin Lean meats including turkey and chicken… Continue reading Nutrition for less stress!

Anti-aging: A universally accepted nonsense

The proliferation of anti-ageing cosmetics is rampant and unyielding. Age and appearance have become irreversibly interwoven concepts; the ‘challenge 25’ rule has become a source of flattery, and to be told one looks “good for their age” is a commonly iterated compliment. Social norms have dictated the abhorrence of grey hair and wrinkles, artificially denaturalising… Continue reading Anti-aging: A universally accepted nonsense

Wishing for whiter teeth

We are all striving to feel and look our best one way or another! The wish for whiter brighter teeth is a popular one and many go to great costs to reach the ideal. This is simply because it is believed to boost both appearance and self-confidence. But did you know there are many natural… Continue reading Wishing for whiter teeth

Why being a sex object is far from empowering

‘Young women today have never experienced a media environment that didn’t exaggerate the centrality of sex and ‘hotness’ to everyday life’ – Susan Douglas, Enlightened Sexism, 2010 Women today have it tough. We are expected to be intelligent, confident, successful, charismatic, kind, and sexy. We are expected to ‘keep up the with the men’ in… Continue reading Why being a sex object is far from empowering

Choice anxiety: Just another first world problem?

Walking direction on asphalt

Imagine you’re in a car with a friend. You have just thirty minutes to get to your destination and she asks you to direct her. You know five possible routes, all of which have unpredictable congestion. It’s stressful: you feel burdened with the responsibility of singlehandedly determining the outcome of the journey and ensuring timely… Continue reading Choice anxiety: Just another first world problem?

Sleep, rise and shine

Sleep is essential for balanced wellbeing. It supports our brain in body repair and enables essential processes that rejuvenate and protect against daily stress, promoting ongoing physical and mental performance. Take on board these tips to reap the bright benefits which include better immunity, mood, appetite, focus and indeed a refreshing and renewed zest for… Continue reading Sleep, rise and shine

The modern marketplace of ideas

In the current political landscape, no idea is more important than that of the “marketplace of ideas”. This concept, echoed in Al Gore’s wonderfully enlightened book Assault on Reason, is the idea that with a laissez-faire approach in the regulation of freedom of speech and expression, meaning with little interference from governments, ideas presented by… Continue reading The modern marketplace of ideas

Beauty and the beast of imitation

The nostalgically alluring Beauty and the Beast live-action remake, directed by Bill Condon, has made its debut at UK cinemas nationwide. The film has marketed itself on its ‘21st century upgrade’ and Disney’s version of the traditional fairy tale now has added zeitgeist with CGI, gay characters, transsexual cues and a feminist princess. It is clear that stereotypes have… Continue reading Beauty and the beast of imitation

Walking wise

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other grants us great independence and freedom, its quite a liberating gift! Furthermore, it provides natural health benefits for mind, body and soul. A brisk walk in the fresh air clears the mind during times of stress, improves physical health and promotes balanced wellbeing.… Continue reading Walking wise

Swimming as therapy

The benefits of swimming are incredible. The active weightless motion effectively trains the cardiovascular system and tones muscles most beautifully. It also enhances posture, energy, rehabilitation, fitness and flexibility, which make the body more resistant against illness and injury. Furthermore, the positive impact of swimming goes far beyond the physical aspect. It also provides therapeutic… Continue reading Swimming as therapy

Procrastination versus masturbation

I once told my 14-year-old cousin that I was a specialist in procrastination. He laughed gleefully and asked what porn websites I used. HAHA! “Noooo not masturbation, procrastination, it’s when people waste time to avoid having to do the tasks that they eventually have to face.” “Oh right” he replied, “But still what porn sites… Continue reading Procrastination versus masturbation

Shine on the spring

Spring is an incredible time of year, it creates a real sense of hope, wonder and opportunity for us all, particularly after the long winter blues. That morning commute becomes ‘almost’ enjoyable with all the natural beauty and colour that crosses our paths. Daffodils smile brightly amidst arrays of tulips and primroses on every corner.… Continue reading Shine on the spring

Intersectionality: Black folk and the trans community

As proud as I am to be black during times in which the global black community stands together in the wicked face of struggle, it’s disappointing when black people refuse to acknowledge the evil that goes on in our own communities – especially when it affects those of LGBTQI experience. We’re only three months into… Continue reading Intersectionality: Black folk and the trans community

Say yes to yoga

An ancient tradition & philosophy that embodies the wisdom of holistic health and wellbeing. This incredible practice of mindful breathing, postures and meditation is healing, restorative & strengthening. RELAX: Focused breathing stills the mind, releases stress and oxygenises the brain. AWARENESS: Mindful movement connects us with our true self, cultivating calm & care. ENDURANCE: Yoga… Continue reading Say yes to yoga

Roe vs Wade: Does McCorvey’s death symbolise America’s failing abortion rights?

Norma McCorvey – the ‘Roe’ of Roe vs. Wade – died on the 17th February of this year. Best known for helping to establish the legal right to have an abortion in America, after the trial, she had a complete shift in her opinions. She spent the remainder of her life advocating the pro-life movement,… Continue reading Roe vs Wade: Does McCorvey’s death symbolise America’s failing abortion rights?

Millennials: The lost generation

Millennial: noun “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.” Otherwise defined as anybody who talks about gender fluidity, complains about the price of housing or refers to when a time when a Freddo only used to cost 10p. Described as lazy, conceited 20-somethings who aren’t willing to work as hard as their… Continue reading Millennials: The lost generation

The answer to anxiety

During stress, learn to manage your mind so anxiety doesn’t manage you. BREATHE: Shallow and rapid chest breathing is a natural response to stress, causing emotional unease. Focus on mindful controlled deeper abdominal breathing to ease nerves whilst increasing energy, relaxation and clarity. MOTION: Gentle and repetitive physical activity like swimming, walking or even cleaning… Continue reading The answer to anxiety

Cultivating happiness in six easy steps

Happiness is difficult to define but it can be so simple to achieve. It is those little gestures & joys that make all the difference in life. 1. KINDNESS: Life can be hard for us all so shine a light with regular gestures of goodwill. Say thank you, smile at strangers, listen to others, buy the big… Continue reading Cultivating happiness in six easy steps

Adichie: The new face of No7 and modern feminism

In October 2016, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie became the most recent face of No7, Boot’s own makeup brand. She appeared in a nature-inspired television advert wearing a full face of makeup, and making statements such as ‘makeup doesn’t really mean anything’, and that it is ‘what makes me [Adichie] happy when I look in the mirror’.… Continue reading Adichie: The new face of No7 and modern feminism

The return of traditionalist cinema: Values, faith and dreaming

With the recent release of Hacksaw Ridge, the mighty comeback of Mel Gibson, a film that tells the true story of Desmond Doss, a soldier in WW2 who refused to kill, who deemed a coward was able to save 75 soldiers on the frontline and in turn became one of the most extraordinary human beings… Continue reading The return of traditionalist cinema: Values, faith and dreaming

The only brit at the party: An outsider’s view of American frat parties

American College is famous for its Greek Life. In the movies, the iconic Fraternity is often the only thing that is really explored; think Bad Neighbours, American Pie: Beta House, and Goat. We are presented with a fast-paced, raunchy, and often dangerous setting, in which young men play out the final few years of their… Continue reading The only brit at the party: An outsider’s view of American frat parties

Unpaid internships: “a scourge on social mobility”

In the later months of 2016, Conservative MP, Alec Shelbroke sponsored a piece of legislation that would ban unpaid internships in the country with the intention of advocating social mobility in the UK. The Tory, whilst speaking in Parliament, denounced the notion of unpaid internships saying that such a concept “should have no place in… Continue reading Unpaid internships: “a scourge on social mobility”

The grime revolution

It’s a dark and grey rainy afternoon when I finally sit down to a phone call with Sid Akhurst aka AS.IF KID. The 22-year-old producer from London is in the studio at his parent’s house in Swindon and we’re talking about his new track ‘Raqqa’ which has just had its first play on BBC Radio… Continue reading The grime revolution

Nod – a bleak look into the overexertion of humanity

Adrian Barnes’ first published novel, Nod, is the unique, engrossing story of the destruction of modern society. Paul, our narrator, finds himself among the select few who still has the ability to sleep, amidst a world which is plunged into constant insomnia overnight. The novel isn’t what I would usually go for. In fact, Sci-Fi… Continue reading Nod – a bleak look into the overexertion of humanity

Being truly “America first”

President Donald Trump in his inaugural speech, said “America first…” that’s the basis of his Presidency. The citizens and their interests will come first, that he will rebuild and make America great again and the country, will decrease the amount in which the US meddles in armed military affairs. Throughout his campaign he has said… Continue reading Being truly “America first”

The inauguration aftermath

The now inaugurated President Donald J. Trump is now in office, who would’ve thought this day would come? Often such an idea was said as a punch line of a joke (which is American democracy if Russia can easily tamper with it), with one of the early episodes of The Simpsons actually having predicted this… Continue reading The inauguration aftermath


January is a popular time for people to give up things they feel their body does not need, things such as alcohol and cigarettes, in an effort to detox after the Christmas holidays. This year however Veganuary has been the latest experiment, giving up meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey for 31 days. However, as… Continue reading Veganuary

The achilles heel of the Trump administration

“All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarise that society. We can brutalise it. Or we can help it onto a higher level.” The legendary advertising icon of the 1940’s Bill Berbrach, once said these wise words. With today’s current political landscape, both outside and inside… Continue reading The achilles heel of the Trump administration

Trainspotting – the nineties and the non-conformist after party

Trainspotting is regarded as a cult classic and with Danny Boyles’ visionary aesthetic ability and the cast’s convincing charisma it capably conserved the edginess of Irvine Welsh’s novel and epitomized the hedonistic 90’s decade. Camouflage, Converse, suede bombers, denim, Adidas stripes, combats, crop tops, snake skin, pinstripes and peroxide remind us of the casual yet risqué… Continue reading Trainspotting – the nineties and the non-conformist after party

Charlotte Perkins Gilman – literary legend and feminist icon

Over the course of the women’s rights movement, the world has experienced its fair share of feminist icons. These ladies inspired, radicalised, and changed the largely male dominated world around them, making way for the fairer (yet by no means completely equal) society in which we now live in. Many documented their struggles through their… Continue reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman – literary legend and feminist icon

The B in LGBTQ

The bi-sexual woman: the magical unicorn of the queer community. Tell anybody you’re bi-sexual and they’ll have an opinion. To my work colleagues I’m ‘greedy,’ as though I’ve simply piled my plate too high at the genital buffet. To the porn industry my sexuality is reduced to a spectacle for the satisfaction of the assumed… Continue reading The B in LGBTQ

An afternoon in Fiji

Fiji is a country that is probably on most of our bucket lists. With its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and fascinating culture, it’s not hard to see why. Thankfully, you can now get a taste of this island lifestyle at ‘Fiji: Art and Life in the Pacific’, the newest exhibit to enter the Sainsbury Centre… Continue reading An afternoon in Fiji

The aftermath of Trump

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. President has shocked the world. None of the major media outlets predicted it, and neither did the bookies; drawing clear parallels with the Brexit vote in June. Post-mortems are taking place in their abundance trying to determine why, and how pretty much every ‘expert’ got it… Continue reading The aftermath of Trump

Baby boomers vs Millennials: Who’s to blame?

The first I heard of these cutesy names was in the wake of Brexit; this rift of generations started (seemingly) when the votes were cast to leave and this was heavily supported by the Baby Boomers. Since that time, articles have slated the “lucky” generation and have demonised their healthy pensions and welcoming property market.… Continue reading Baby boomers vs Millennials: Who’s to blame?

Tradition with a twist – Whoopi Goldberg’s Christmas jumper collection

American Comedian and TV Host Whoopi Goldberg is most famed for her Academy-Award-winning appearances on the big screen. She brings an effortless presence to her motion pictures and equal measures of wisdom and serene sass to her roles (who else could pull off the part of an edgy nun!) The spotlight has allowed this natural nonconformist… Continue reading Tradition with a twist – Whoopi Goldberg’s Christmas jumper collection

Tales from China: London to Shanghai

In July, I left the comforts of my home – and, actually, the comforts of my country – to become an English teacher in the world’s most populous city. While the travel guide, Mandarin phrasebook and Skype calls with current trainers loaded me with useful information, there were some lessons only Shanghai could teach me.… Continue reading Tales from China: London to Shanghai

Positivity in rejection

52004618 - young unhappy woman, rejection of bad habits

Compatibility with our prospective partner is an element we often forget from time to time due to our desire not to feel alone. When we forget about compatibility the relationships we form usually have less to do with enjoying another’s company and simply just wanting to have that romantic presence in your life. Admittedly, I’ve… Continue reading Positivity in rejection

Consequential freedom

Here I am sitting in a pub in Shepherds Bush, purposefully isolating myself in my own thoughts intoxicated by an overpriced pint of Peroni and smelling, what probably is like a chimney, from smoking what is already my second box of sovereigns for the day. Reflection is the result of my scarcity of friends here… Continue reading Consequential freedom

An interview with Batman the pug – the Instagram sensation

I have heard of animal lovers bringing their pets to work or leaving work to be with their pets, but Paul Hayes has taken this one step further to incorporate his pug; Batman, into his own career by launching Batman into the Insta-celebrity spotlight. One boring tube ride home I met Batman the Pug, the… Continue reading An interview with Batman the pug – the Instagram sensation

Estates of mind – peeling back the hood

I always thought my formative years were at University, all that lazing around, drinking and throwing up. But I’ve found out they actually took place between the ages of 0 and 2, when I was doing exactly the same things. Neuroscientists have recently discovered the importance of our first 1000 days, including time in the… Continue reading Estates of mind – peeling back the hood

Halloween around the world: The all souls procession in Tucson

Across the globe, the period surrounding the end of the October and beginning of November is celebrated in various different ways. Whether it’s the Western idea of Halloween, or the Spanish speaking holiday of Dias de los Muertos, it cannot be argued that this time of the year has significant impact on how (and why)… Continue reading Halloween around the world: The all souls procession in Tucson

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – #Inktober

#Inktober marks an entire month of art and illustrations: its thirty-one days of thirty-one ink drawings taking place throughout October. It was started back in 2009 by Jay Parker an Illustrator based in Utah as a “challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.” Since then it has grown into a global… Continue reading Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – #Inktober

Dangerous dogs or uninformed owners?

I understand that big dogs or angry dogs can be intimidating. But does that give us the right to dictate what breeds are dangerous and what breeds are friendly? In the right circumstances even the smallest dog can harm someone and yet only a few have been banned in the UK. My current family pet… Continue reading Dangerous dogs or uninformed owners?

Tips and tricks – the London property market

Unless you are living in a tent in someone’s front room; you are probably paying around half of your salary every month to pay for a room in a shared house. In this prolonged “University Halls” experience you may think it is hopeless to get onto the property ladder. Fear not local London dweller; these… Continue reading Tips and tricks – the London property market

Generation nothing

Here we are in 2016. This January we lost the great British icon David Bowie. He was an integral part of British culture, and his pull went way beyond just his music. Across the pond, Prince left us in April. The mourning of these music greats is a testament to the unique power music has… Continue reading Generation nothing

Citizens of the world

Earlier this month, Theresa May claimed that “if you believe you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere.” In such controversial, post-Brexit times, this quote struck a chord with both young and elderly people alike. Whilst ‘leave’ voters would celebrate the idea that our PM is thinking on a smaller, British-sized scale,… Continue reading Citizens of the world

Not all those who wander are lost

After spending seven and a half months in Australia and having only been back in the UK for seven weeks, why is it that I am already planning my next trip? Am I so desperate to get away again, to escape real life? Or am I just using my freedom and lack of responsibilities as… Continue reading Not all those who wander are lost

McDonalds: The antibiotic resistance

To say that I have a frog in my throat is a severe understatement. A more accurate simile is having a radioactively modified mutant frog being lodged at the top of my gullet. I know the symptoms of cold sweats, piercing headache and radioactive amphibian means that I have tonsillitis and yet I know that… Continue reading McDonalds: The antibiotic resistance

Estates of mind: Punched in the stomach

We used to hang out in a park when I was a kid. It was a huge wide-open space starting at the top of a hill and rolling down a few hundred feet. One evening a car pulled up at the bottom and three older kids got out, they looked about seventeen, a couple of… Continue reading Estates of mind: Punched in the stomach

London Fashion Week: A platform for anarchistic art

London is a globally renowned hub for creative clothing and edgy eccentricity and so provides the ideal setting for the biannual fashion week. The UK fashion industry is a blooming business sector with its current value to the UK economy of £26 billion[1] UK fashion is undoubtedly intertwined with British cultural identity and the catwalk shows… Continue reading London Fashion Week: A platform for anarchistic art

Patricia Araújo: AFW editorial

Some finds are a little too good not to share. This past Tuesday I found myself once again, in the middle of one of my epic internet wanders. You know the ones when you start out looking for one thing but twenty clicks later you find yourself completely lost and looking at something no where near… Continue reading Patricia Araújo: AFW editorial

Fashion and animals – Angola Fashion Week 2016

Africa is not usually known for its fashion weeks; instead, we leave it to the cities of London, Paris and New York to show the world what being ‘fashionable’ really means. However, one overlooked and increasingly popular event is taking place in Angola every year – Angola Fashion Week. This year, models and designers alike flocked… Continue reading Fashion and animals – Angola Fashion Week 2016

How ‘coding the humanities’ will transform learning

The idea originates from the Netherlands, ‘Coding the Humanities’ is a project that was born in March 2013 and is set to revolutionise learning as we know it. The program encourages humanities students to code their own tools for research, creating a digital platform in which they can share what they are learning with fellow… Continue reading How ‘coding the humanities’ will transform learning

The future of fashion

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret, before I turned vegan, I was a huge fan of leather. Who wouldn’t be with its valuable and unique features: its durability, its classic luxurious look and its ability to withstand water. So what if I told you that there was a new type… Continue reading The future of fashion

Clothes to conduct the country in

  Theresa May Empowerment relies heavily on strong virtues and a sharpened mindset and this can be complemented through clothing. Political spearheads throughout history have practiced the art of power dress in many different forms, from Thatcher’s 80s-esque shoulder pads to Mandela’s bold batik silk shirts in the 90s. Us ordinary folk can easily mimic elements of… Continue reading Clothes to conduct the country in

Can numbers determine our destiny?

I’m sure almost everyone reading this has a favourite number – mine is 6. It hasn’t been particularly lucky for me, but it sure crops up a lot in my life. Some people believe numbers can reveal a lot about ourselves, but can they determine our destiny? Can numbers be used to predict our future?… Continue reading Can numbers determine our destiny?

Averts, adverts everywhere, not one is representative

Advertising is everywhere. Billboards, online sidebars, ‘cookies’, pop-ups, TV commercials and so on bombard us every single day. Subconsciously, these images are affecting who we are and who we strive to be. We relate to adverts and become persuaded that we need certain products in order to become better versions of ourselves, but how many… Continue reading Averts, adverts everywhere, not one is representative

The ADP riot tour – Norwich

Following the shocking Brexit result, and the ever accumulating terror attacks, Jimmy Cauty brings us his latest art installation project – The Aftermath Dislocation Principle. A 40ft shipping container travelling the country until Christmas Day, the piece contains a miniature post-apocalyptic world. Small holes in the container allow visitors to peak into Cauty’s destructive environment,… Continue reading The ADP riot tour – Norwich

Game of homes: Kasita and the housing crisis

I remember being around ten years old with a solid idea of what my life would be like in my mid to late twenties. I imagined a four bedroom house, a wife, children and a good job where I’d make plenty of money. Now at the age of twenty-six, it’s beginning to look like a… Continue reading Game of homes: Kasita and the housing crisis

Competing for equality: Sportswomen’s fight for a fair playing field

August 5th, the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A much-anticipated spectacle, where sporting elite will showcase their skills, in exchange for medals, accolades and adulation. However, sportswomen find themselves having to compete in far more than their chosen sport, they’re also competing for equality. Most often the debate focuses on equal pay, but… Continue reading Competing for equality: Sportswomen’s fight for a fair playing field

Techniques of the tools, a review

The Tools is a self-help book written by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, successful psychoanalysts working in Los Angeles. Like many people, I approach the self-help genre with some skepticism, but the book has made an impact due to its unconventional advice. The philosophy of the book marks a contrast to what they call ‘Southern… Continue reading Techniques of the tools, a review

Kitten heels and oestrogen – Theresa May

A couple of months ago I put money on Theresa May to be prime minister by the end of 2016. It hadn’t occurred to me as a real possibility, but I’ve always liked her and when it came up under politics specials on my Ladbrokes app, I saw no reason not to stick a few… Continue reading Kitten heels and oestrogen – Theresa May

Thatcher 2 – the sequel

May comments on Human Rights Act...File photo dated 13/09/11 of Home Secretary Theresa May who has risked angering Liberal Democrat Cabinet colleagues today by throwing her weight behind calls for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Sunday October 2, 2011. See PA story TORY HumanRights. Photo credit should read: David Jones/PA Wire

As a feminist I’m thrilled that we have yet another female prime minister. It is a fantastic sign of our ever increasing modernising world and that women are getting the chance to stand up and show their strength, but did it really have to be May of all people? Whilst I’m glad we actually have… Continue reading Thatcher 2 – the sequel

Uni fees – what’s the use of putting them up and up?

Currently the maximum fee charge for a university degree is £9,000 a year after raising this cap from £3,375 in 2011/2012. This already sparked many riots and protests from the student population as well as various student unions and came hand in hand with a raise in maintenance grants and loans based on household earnings.… Continue reading Uni fees – what’s the use of putting them up and up?

I killed my boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend

Ok, so I’m jealous. Not just jealous in a cute and fuzzy kind of way but jealous in a mental, deranged and psychopathic kind of way. It’s actually frightening and rather disturbing as to how jealous I can get. I am damaged and the thing is; no matter how hard I try, I still feel… Continue reading I killed my boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend

The stigma of atheism

Atheism and agnosticism are frowned upon all over the world. In many places they are punishable by death[i], and although there are areas where neither constitutes a forfeit of one’s rights, there are still whole subcontinents where they do. But why are atheism and agnosticism so vilified? First, it helps to understand what each actually… Continue reading The stigma of atheism

There’s a Riiottt brewing

It’s not often I find myself struck with an artist, you’d excuse my pessimism but these days it seems we’re presented with the same old regurgitated talent and expected to class it as something amazing (a la Iggy Azalea – yup I said it). After spending an unnecessary amount of time trawling through the ‘kawaii’… Continue reading There’s a Riiottt brewing

Virgin Virtuosos #3: The Lonely Together, Lianne La Havas and Twenty-One Pilots

We bring you three underheard artists who we think have the potential to make it big. For everything from the complete unknowns to the just-about-to-blows, take note. The unknown: The Lonely Together This dreampop indie band from Scotland came onto the scene in 2013 with their self-titled debut album. The group’s electronic rock single ‘A… Continue reading Virgin Virtuosos #3: The Lonely Together, Lianne La Havas and Twenty-One Pilots

New finds and block colour … blue is the new black

Summer is finally here and with that so are proms, weddings and general get-togethers to enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts. So what to wear? Well, it’s too hot for your favourite little black dress and black tie is ever so formal. Why not try going blue? Blue suits are smart and on trend (our… Continue reading New finds and block colour … blue is the new black

The new economic trend … universal basic income

The White House recently calculated that by the year twenty-twenty, there is an eighty-three percent chance that a worker earning less than twenty dollars per hour will lose his or her job to a robot [i]. In a world where automation is fast becoming the norm (factories in China for instance, have begun eliminating the workforce… Continue reading The new economic trend … universal basic income

Pop-Con: A con for fans, made by fans

Fan conventions all over the world are some of the biggest events on the calendar for genres and medias of all kinds. From Comic Con, Anime Asia, YouTube’s VidCon to a whole convention dedicated to the sitcom ‘The Office’, the last decade has seen a huge increase in the popularity of these events where fans… Continue reading Pop-Con: A con for fans, made by fans

Post Brexit: Get off social media, get on the streets

Well there it is, we voted Brexit, but why are so many people still unhappy? Put simply, the result is way too close. It is almost a 50/50 split, meaning whatever happens next, half the voting population are going to be put in a situation they voted against. Many are calling for a more conclusive… Continue reading Post Brexit: Get off social media, get on the streets

All fashion, no agenda

For a while it seemed gender-neutral fashion had become, paradoxically, a tad butch and frankly a little boring. Plain, oversized garments, frugal masculine designs – this was the drab definition of unisex clothing. Which seems strange to me. If you’re going to design truly unisex fashion, why not embrace all sides of the gender spectrum?… Continue reading All fashion, no agenda

Virgin Virtuosos #2: WILDES, Dan James and Meg Mac

Every fortnight, we will be bring you three under heard artists who we think have the potential to make it big. For everything from the complete unknowns to the just-about-to-blows, take note. The unknown: WILDES We start off this fortnight with London-based electronic pop solo artist, Ella Walker, who goes by the name of WILDES. Sharing… Continue reading Virgin Virtuosos #2: WILDES, Dan James and Meg Mac

Startups – the business-life battlefield

We don’t do things by halves at a start-up. I joined the frontline as a wide-eyed, nervous PR Officer. This was my first job, and within the clean-technology sector; all I had going for me was writing skill and three months of experience working in PR for a large car manufacturer. I thought it was… Continue reading Startups – the business-life battlefield

The relevance of formal exams

Now we’ve all sat them, a big hall or a classroom with individual desks, as if the space between us somehow made it impossible to see the person next to us, silence with the invigilator giving us the same speech that, by the time our third or fourth exam came round, we all knew off… Continue reading The relevance of formal exams

Strictly alternative

We often look at the denotations of niches and alternative culture in music and fashion forgetting “why” people choose what they choose and the deeper meaning of the subjective answers that follow. A nuanced example is a 17-year-old girl who was particularly vocal about her reasoning in her choice in fashion and music. “Isla” (the… Continue reading Strictly alternative

Who wears the pants… cape?

We are living in an epoch of superhero media, with film, TV and comics capitalising on the best that DC, Marvel and others have to offer, attracting thousands of new fans and old fans with every release. Kids love them, adults love them and they rake in the cash; that said, very few of the… Continue reading Who wears the pants… cape?

EU: Should we stay or should we go?

We’re heading ever closer to one of the most important decisions our generation will face, but instead of being presented with facts, both sides are guilty of pushing propaganda. The result will shape our lives for decades to come, but constant bickering over the economy and immigration, overshadows the many other factors we should be… Continue reading EU: Should we stay or should we go?

Vagina of mass destruction

A woman with writing on her torso takes part in a "Slut Walk" protest in Jerusalem May 29, 2015. Several hundred people on Friday took part in the protest, marching through Jerusalem's center. The SlutWalk movement began after a Toronto policeman suggested in 2011 that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing like a "slut." REUTERS/Baz Ratner - RTR4Y0O1

Why is the female body still seen as a public forum open to discussion? Judged, ridiculed, harassed or simply portrayed as a nuclear weapon that will destroy and wipe out all mankind. People still have something to say when it comes to the vagina, breast, bum or nipples, but why? What is the social fascination… Continue reading Vagina of mass destruction

Virgin Virtuosos #1: Luna Rae, Aurora and The Academic

Every fortnight, we will be bring you three under heard artists who we think have the potential to make it big. For everything from the complete unknowns to the just-about-to-blows, take note. The unknown: Luna Rae We start off with a supremely talented pair of female vocalists (and waitresses, when they’re not on stage), based… Continue reading Virgin Virtuosos #1: Luna Rae, Aurora and The Academic

Bane of the battyman

In the multicultural outskirts of London set among the red double decker buses spewing with boisterous teenagers and towering council flats is where you will find the Secondary School I attended. Like a factory conveyor belt it has unintentionally produced its fair share of gays, lesbians and transsexuals (and that’s just the ones I know… Continue reading Bane of the battyman

Introducing Luna Rae

In five months, Luna Rae went from home recordings to competing as finalists at Vodafone Future Breakers. Not many artists hit so steep a learning curve so quickly. We had the opportunity to speak to the pair, and asked whether or not they had expected it, and what advice they would give to someone else… Continue reading Introducing Luna Rae

T-girls and admirers

For most people Thursday is that mundane day of the week awkwardly squashed in between Wednesday and Friday. Come 9pm on a typical Thursday evening most people will be sat comfortably perched on the sofa in their front room watching the latest episode of Coronation Street. But as I squeeze my stomach tightly trying to… Continue reading T-girls and admirers

Depression in the digital age

We may live in the 21st Century, but unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to depression. It’s an illness that can completely envelope someone’s life, yet is rarely talked about and often misunderstood. It’s worrying that a condition the Royal College of Psychiatrists claims to affect 1 in 5 people is swept under the… Continue reading Depression in the digital age

School ties and toilet cubicles

It was a warm sunny afternoon in the local park, decked out in my school uniform and Nike bag in hand I waited idly outside a public restroom when really I should have been participating in my P.E lesson kicking balls with all the other boys. But what brought a juvenile boy outside a smelly… Continue reading School ties and toilet cubicles

10 top in natural ethical beauty

Each month the beauty industry is flooded with new names and products. They then become our must have face cream, cannot live without shampoo and overall cult product (Glam Glow I’m talking about you). In the last few years everyone has become more aware of organic and natural brands such as Neal’s Yard. People are beginning… Continue reading 10 top in natural ethical beauty

The grey haired movement

What started as a farce, if you believe the mainstream media, is now a reminder for any Camerons, Trumps and Clintons that the lefty heart of the working class beats. Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have awoken something dormant, though some would have had you believe dead: socialism. While it isn’t as 1950s Russia as… Continue reading The grey haired movement