The grime revolution

It’s a dark and grey rainy afternoon when I finally sit down to a phone call with Sid Akhurst aka AS.IF KID. The 22-year-old producer from London is in the studio at his parent’s house in Swindon and we’re talking about his new track ‘Raqqa’ which has just had its first play on BBC Radio… Continue reading The grime revolution

The B in LGBTQ

The bi-sexual woman: the magical unicorn of the queer community. Tell anybody you’re bi-sexual and they’ll have an opinion. To my work colleagues I’m ‘greedy,’ as though I’ve simply piled my plate too high at the genital buffet. To the porn industry my sexuality is reduced to a spectacle for the satisfaction of the assumed… Continue reading The B in LGBTQ

All fashion, no agenda

For a while it seemed gender-neutral fashion had become, paradoxically, a tad butch and frankly a little boring. Plain, oversized garments, frugal masculine designs – this was the drab definition of unisex clothing. Which seems strange to me. If you’re going to design truly unisex fashion, why not embrace all sides of the gender spectrum?… Continue reading All fashion, no agenda