How to soothe self

Stress and anxiety can weigh us all down at times, but you can overcome these feelings by using your senses to feel light again. A conscious connection with the sensory system enables us to de-stress. It brings us into a present state of mind, distracting us from past or future thoughts associated with unease. When… Continue reading How to soothe self

Tuning your tummy

It all starts within the gut. This incredible internal system thrives on friendly probiotic bacteria to function effectively and support proper digestion. The key is to maintain balanced flora because when it is out of synch we can become quite unwell. Imbalance is common, especially given the combination of everyday stresses and processed foods that… Continue reading Tuning your tummy

The power of pilates

Pilates. This wonderful low impact workout provides complete conditioning for the mind and body. It focuses on correct breath and bodily alignment techniques, which help us become more in-tune with our movements. This is paramount to sporting performance, injury prevention and recovery, as well as good posture and our overall health. Pilates is an all-encompassing… Continue reading The power of pilates

Awareness – an approach to life

Sometimes it can be so difficult to keep up with todays pressured pace of life. Perhaps, it is the constant expectations and actions that pull rank over any real sense of awareness and appreciation for the day. This can spiral into mindless motion, endless disappointments, anxiety, and even chronic fatigue. As such, we may become… Continue reading Awareness – an approach to life

Magnesium the miracle macro-mineral

This incredible mineral has a plethora of health benefits: Sleep well: Magnesium deficiencies disrupt melatonin our natural sleep inducing hormone. Relaxation: It eases tension and boosts mood hormones to calm the nervous system. Muscle health: It facilitates the growth of muscle mass and enhances cell energy stores. Bone strength: It is a powerful nutrient needed… Continue reading Magnesium the miracle macro-mineral

Let freedom flow

Feel inspired and ready to embrace the sense of spirit, spontaneity and adventure that summer brings. Given the fast pace of life, it is so easy to become stuck in a rut, doing things out of habit and constantly moving. It’s easy and it works but does it fulfil us? Rarely, in fact it can… Continue reading Let freedom flow

Why massage matters

Stress is known to be one of the greatest contributors to disease and continued unhappiness. It is also becoming more and more difficult to avoid in our daily lives. Thankfully however, there are plenty of ways we can positively manage it. One simple and effective method to reduce any dis-ease within the body is to… Continue reading Why massage matters

Make peace with imperfection – take a lesson from nature

So beautiful and yet quite imperfect in form. Our natural environment is a profound world of contrast and yet it offers incredible equilibrium between the simple and complex. There is something quite magical that resonates within us when we embrace the great outdoors. It takes us beyond the confines of the mind and brings us… Continue reading Make peace with imperfection – take a lesson from nature

Belonging is beautiful

Community Collective. A sense of cohesiveness with others is incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing. Yet, in today’s technological world, we risk isolation and disengagement. There could well be a significant link between the advances in social media and the increased mental health issues we face in the western world. Less presence & connection can lead… Continue reading Belonging is beautiful

Feel free to let go

As we go through the rollercoaster of life we can become quite accustomed to our routines and comfort zones. As creatures of habit we like to know what and how to do things. This helps us feel grounded, stable and in control. However, it can also lead to complacency and dissatisfaction. In turn this can… Continue reading Feel free to let go

Writing for wellbeing

Taking the time to journal is so worthwhile. It provides a personal outlet that enables us to express and channel our thoughts positively. Here are some of the wonderful benefits it brings to mental health and wellbeing. CLARITY: The pace of life can be fast and often overwhelming; this can lead to a monkey-muddled mind.… Continue reading Writing for wellbeing

Nutrition for less stress!

Wholesome food choices are one of the best places to start when it comes to managing stress levels. There are just so many wonderful sources brimming with vitamins and minerals that the body needs to maintain balance, composure and resistance against the pressures of day-to-day living. Positive energy: Serotonin Lean meats including turkey and chicken… Continue reading Nutrition for less stress!

Wishing for whiter teeth

We are all striving to feel and look our best one way or another! The wish for whiter brighter teeth is a popular one and many go to great costs to reach the ideal. This is simply because it is believed to boost both appearance and self-confidence. But did you know there are many natural… Continue reading Wishing for whiter teeth

Sleep, rise and shine

Sleep is essential for balanced wellbeing. It supports our brain in body repair and enables essential processes that rejuvenate and protect against daily stress, promoting ongoing physical and mental performance. Take on board these tips to reap the bright benefits which include better immunity, mood, appetite, focus and indeed a refreshing and renewed zest for… Continue reading Sleep, rise and shine

Walking wise

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other grants us great independence and freedom, its quite a liberating gift! Furthermore, it provides natural health benefits for mind, body and soul. A brisk walk in the fresh air clears the mind during times of stress, improves physical health and promotes balanced wellbeing.… Continue reading Walking wise

Swimming as therapy

The benefits of swimming are incredible. The active weightless motion effectively trains the cardiovascular system and tones muscles most beautifully. It also enhances posture, energy, rehabilitation, fitness and flexibility, which make the body more resistant against illness and injury. Furthermore, the positive impact of swimming goes far beyond the physical aspect. It also provides therapeutic… Continue reading Swimming as therapy

Shine on the spring

Spring is an incredible time of year, it creates a real sense of hope, wonder and opportunity for us all, particularly after the long winter blues. That morning commute becomes ‘almost’ enjoyable with all the natural beauty and colour that crosses our paths. Daffodils smile brightly amidst arrays of tulips and primroses on every corner.… Continue reading Shine on the spring

Say yes to yoga

An ancient tradition & philosophy that embodies the wisdom of holistic health and wellbeing. This incredible practice of mindful breathing, postures and meditation is healing, restorative & strengthening. RELAX: Focused breathing stills the mind, releases stress and oxygenises the brain. AWARENESS: Mindful movement connects us with our true self, cultivating calm & care. ENDURANCE: Yoga… Continue reading Say yes to yoga

The answer to anxiety

During stress, learn to manage your mind so anxiety doesn’t manage you. BREATHE: Shallow and rapid chest breathing is a natural response to stress, causing emotional unease. Focus on mindful controlled deeper abdominal breathing to ease nerves whilst increasing energy, relaxation and clarity. MOTION: Gentle and repetitive physical activity like swimming, walking or even cleaning… Continue reading The answer to anxiety

Cultivating happiness in six easy steps

Happiness is difficult to define but it can be so simple to achieve. It is those little gestures & joys that make all the difference in life. 1. KINDNESS: Life can be hard for us all so shine a light with regular gestures of goodwill. Say thank you, smile at strangers, listen to others, buy the big… Continue reading Cultivating happiness in six easy steps