I killed my boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend

Ok, so I’m jealous. Not just jealous in a cute and fuzzy kind of way but jealous in a mental, deranged and psychopathic kind of way. It’s actually frightening and rather disturbing as to how jealous I can get. I am damaged and the thing is; no matter how hard I try, I still feel… Continue reading I killed my boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend

Vagina of mass destruction

A woman with writing on her torso takes part in a "Slut Walk" protest in Jerusalem May 29, 2015. Several hundred people on Friday took part in the protest, marching through Jerusalem's center. The SlutWalk movement began after a Toronto policeman suggested in 2011 that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing like a "slut." REUTERS/Baz Ratner - RTR4Y0O1

Why is the female body still seen as a public forum open to discussion? Judged, ridiculed, harassed or simply portrayed as a nuclear weapon that will destroy and wipe out all mankind. People still have something to say when it comes to the vagina, breast, bum or nipples, but why? What is the social fascination… Continue reading Vagina of mass destruction

Bane of the battyman

In the multicultural outskirts of London set among the red double decker buses spewing with boisterous teenagers and towering council flats is where you will find the Secondary School I attended. Like a factory conveyor belt it has unintentionally produced its fair share of gays, lesbians and transsexuals (and that’s just the ones I know… Continue reading Bane of the battyman

T-girls and admirers

For most people Thursday is that mundane day of the week awkwardly squashed in between Wednesday and Friday. Come 9pm on a typical Thursday evening most people will be sat comfortably perched on the sofa in their front room watching the latest episode of Coronation Street. But as I squeeze my stomach tightly trying to… Continue reading T-girls and admirers

School ties and toilet cubicles

It was a warm sunny afternoon in the local park, decked out in my school uniform and Nike bag in hand I waited idly outside a public restroom when really I should have been participating in my P.E lesson kicking balls with all the other boys. But what brought a juvenile boy outside a smelly… Continue reading School ties and toilet cubicles

The great straight propaganda

Get a job, marry a Woman, get a house, have children and live happy ever after. As an easily influenced and impressionable teenager this was the kind of ‘great straight propaganda’ that was narrowly shoved down my throat. Taught to be straight and processed out on a conveyor belt into the big wide world. Programmed… Continue reading The great straight propaganda

Table for one, please

Eating alone in public makes some people feel uncomfortable, especially in a restaurant. They are the sad and the unaccompanied. The lonely ones who dare eat amongst the coupled and acquainted as they peer snidely from behind their menus. They are the ones who can’t get a date and must face these social outings like outcasts.… Continue reading Table for one, please

The society that killed love

We are desperately seeking validation and love in a society that forces us to be apart. In a world that validates your worth with a ‘like’ or a quick swipe to the right, has the idea of romance been lost in the oversubscribed cities and sea of nameless faces. It’s 8:35am and my sleep-encrusted eyes… Continue reading The society that killed love

I really really really wanna zigazig ahhhhhhh!

“I love the summer it brings out all the fittys.” I have literally been on this date with a 30-year-old administration assistant aka Spice Boy (A name I have amusingly dubbed him due to his obsession with the Spice Girls) for less than an hour when he makes an observant remark that sucks every ounce… Continue reading I really really really wanna zigazig ahhhhhhh!

Chyna – a true hall of famer

The familiar irritating noise of my alarm clock wakes me up from my deep slumber on cue. I lay in bed for a few moments relishing in the warmth of my bed sheets, which I know in a few minutes I will have to leave. I start my day as the morning light hits my… Continue reading Chyna – a true hall of famer

My American horror story

Picture the scene, underneath the lurching trees decorated with flicking colourful lights as festive music plays in the distance. The sound of laughter irradiating from adoring children lingers on that tinted chilly evening as they would scream excitedly from atop the Ferris Wheel overlooking a beautifully lit London basking in the magic and wonderment that… Continue reading My American horror story