Kitten heels and oestrogen – Theresa May

A couple of months ago I put money on Theresa May to be prime minister by the end of 2016. It hadn’t occurred to me as a real possibility, but I’ve always liked her and when it came up under politics specials on my Ladbrokes app, I saw no reason not to stick a few… Continue reading Kitten heels and oestrogen – Theresa May

The Sex Workers Opera, a review

  This was my first journey to the Pleasance theatre in Islington. A sultry early summer evening, I looked forward to a night of theatrical delight. All I knew was that this was a musical production entirely by ‘sex workers’. I absolutely forgot about this and viewed them all as very talented actors. I could… Continue reading The Sex Workers Opera, a review

Shattered illusions – Israel debunked

Forget the words “zionism”, “semitism” and “Jewish”: any British politician who denies Israel’s right to exist should be sent straight out of the House of Commons. Jeremy Corbyn and his ragtag team of commies want to castigate the 2% pocket of the Middle East which is an oasis of democracy, women’s rights and technological innovation.… Continue reading Shattered illusions – Israel debunked

Trapped in eden

Sometimes in London you can forget greenery exists. Between brutalist buildings, pollution, pavements covered in chewing gum and empty chocolate wrappers, there’s no natural beauty around. Out exploring Pimlico, a friend and I came across a little square garden, a square of natural loveliness surrounded by neo-classical houses. The gate was open so we obliviously… Continue reading Trapped in eden