Reading time: 3min.

by Maria Campbell

Awareness – an approach to life

Sometimes it can be so difficult to keep up with todays pressured pace of life. Perhaps, it is the constant expectations and actions that pull rank over any real sense of awareness and appreciation for the day. This can spiral into mindless motion, endless disappointments, anxiety, and even chronic fatigue. As such, we may become disconnected and miss opportunities for fulfilment and happiness.

But, if we actively step back and give in to the moment, wonderful things can happen.

Consider doing a little less and being a little more.

Slow down: Be open to standing still for a moment and become more consciously connected to the here and now. Meditation can really help to calm and enhance focus regardless of external stimuli.

Let go: Listen and trust what feels right, act with authenticity not obligation. Practice adapting to things as they are, rather then how perhaps you think they should be.

Be patient: Make time not pressure for yourself and others. Settle and see that things can work out far better than we could ever expect or plan. Give it time; better decisions are made when we feel calm.

Acceptance: Stay grounded with gratitude at heart of everything you do. It works to appreciate rather than resist imperfections and the uncontrollable uncertainties that will always be a part of life.

Knowledge: When in doubt, tune into yourself– delve deep. As we become more aware, the answers we look outside of ourselves for, suddenly come up from within.

Practicing awareness each day and channelling it into our interactions with the world is just so important to our personal wellbeing and it indeed to getting the most out of life.

Try journaling, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to enhance daily mindfulness.

Involved and in tune x