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by Hamida Ali

Can cultural attire become an everyday thing?

Cultural attire is rarely seen nowadays and is often disregarded as an alternative, with many ethnic minorities only wearing it on special occasions. In the UK, where there is a significant multicultural community, it is critical to truly explore and express this notion of bringing about change where there is comfort and spirit in wearing it every day. 

Living in 2022, and society becoming more inclusive and open to living freely and exploring your identity. Should we maybe take it to the next level and normalise wearing cultural attire in settings such as the working environment and general outings. 

Time For Change 

Change is inevitable, and for the most part, it should always be for the better, and I believe that cultural attire is one of the best reasons for change. The blend of society and fashion is wonderful because it transforms essential concepts. 

There is so much potential in the development of cultural attire as an everyday thing; it not only establishes change within society, but it also establishes change within the community of people who feel they can be a part of something, no matter how big or small the subject of matter, the representation of so many different ethnic minorities is significantly important. Every individual’s manner of expressing oneself begins with comfort and acceptance of open-minded views and opinions that are both encouraging and courteous. 

In a time when generational society has become more aligned with the idea of changing the dynamics of what’s considered ‘appropriate’ and ‘not according to dress codes,’ this is a way forward to take a slow step over the line and make this something that doesn’t need to be debated but rather progressed collaboratively. 

Social media and young people are game-changers in today’s world of change; they present and highlight change for the people and for the world’s thought of doing something extraordinary and revolutionary, and I know this would be one for the discussions and development a type of movement for everybody. 

Beauty Dhlamini, a global health scholar on Metro has explored how women of colour are treated according to what they wear, and how there are many micro aggressions and negative comments made by many companies and institutions; but she conveys she feels changes need to be adjusted and displays that ‘we have an opportunity to change the traditional office wardrobe into something that is not only more casual but more personal, comfortable and inclusive.’

The New Normal 

The clothes we wear often tell a story of our culture and the meaning and stance of our ancestor’s history; it goes beyond just wearing something for its sake but mainly appreciating it and acknowledging what you are through your style. 

Fashion is quite broad and distinct in many areas of the industry. It now is the moment to make use of this space and go above and beyond to redefine the image of what is normalised and remove all limits and boundaries. 

Globe Around Your Wardrobe 

The world is full of brilliant colours, patterns, and designs; cultural representation is a free form of expression that will undoubtedly leave you feeling proud. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania are all represented. Each has its own individual style that reflects beliefs, values, morals, and forms of art and history. 

Within cultural attire, there is an appreciation for how it serves as a memory of home and provides a sense of familiarity and reliability. Many people are building and dedicating a new style of living and dressing, especially with cultural attire. 

Workwear Evolution 

Many companies and organisations must appreciate that different cultures have importance and may provide so much to the future and long-term potential of the working industry. Self-expression is more than just your physical appearance; it is also about communicating your distinctiveness and exhibiting your norms and values. 

Let us begin by altering the methods of ancient mindsets or what is brazenly written in the books and preparing the way for the creation of a place for a greater purpose.