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by Jade Newman

Clothes to conduct the country in


Theresa May

Empowerment relies heavily on strong virtues and a sharpened mindset and this can be complemented through clothing. Political spearheads throughout history have practiced the art of power dress in many different forms, from Thatcher’s 80s-esque shoulder pads to Mandela’s bold batik silk shirts in the 90s. Us ordinary folk can easily mimic elements of this statement dress through the use of Google and affordable high street replicas. The below guide serves as a stylish stride to supremacy!

Tartan suit – This unisex piece featured heavily on the streets of New York during the A/W 2016 fashion week. Not only is the garment an emblem for our current gender-neutral times but the print adds some personality to the cautiously conservative two-piece suit. The tartan print and its clan heritage can also be personalised (with over 2800 different versions) and worn with a sense of identity and pride.

Statement necklace – Modelled by Theresa May during her first speech as British Prime Minister, this jewellery choice reinforced the bold words spoken. The necklaces project confidence and can be used as tools to create different looks and make best use of a capsule wardrobe. Statement costume jewellery is also contemporary and affordable and for these reasons is being embraced by modern millennials’ in favour of overpriced jewellers – who needs Tiffany’s!

President Obama

Knee-length overcoat – Despite having one of the most demanding jobs on the planet, Obama has a laid back reputation and has even been labelled the ‘cool’ president. His matrix style overcoat projects his true tenacious essence similar to the iconic film’s undertone. The look is also seamlessly suave and the coat’s precise fabric silhouette is suited to those ready to face business.

Michelle Obama

Cap sleeved royal blue dress – Described by her husband as ‘his most important advisor’, the first lady Michelle Obama has herself established notable recognition with no less than a postgraduate degree and a law licence to her name. The royal blue Christian Siriano dress in which she chose to deliver her emotive final convention speech at the Democratic National Convention has gained much media attention. The tailoring is simple and feminine and the colour shade deep yet subtle. The understated tone matches her approach to the limelight and her political perspective, all shared in an impactful but measured manner. Blue is a compelling colour for any career with psychologists stating that the shade conveys inner confidence and reliability.

Sherry Rehman

Silk scarves – This plucky Pakistani politician, journalist and diplomat adds her own glamorous touch to traditional dress and succeeds with her signature style through tasteful tact. Her striking aesthetic is credited to her competence in colour coordination and her meticulous matching manner (even her nail varnish is considered). Rehman likes to add some chic to her career commitments with her silk scarves, an appropriate fabric choice which is shiny and sturdy. Silk scarves have been championed for A/W 2016 by the likes of high end giants Louis Vuitton and Chloe and are available for both sexes from eBay, Asos and many other renowned retailers.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Oversized glasses – Regarded as a 60s style symbol, the wife of US President John F Kennedy is adored for her effortless elegance. She was also an ambassador for the arts and in her lifetime worked as a photographer, editor and advocate for historical architecture. Her famed fashion includes colourful chanel suits, pill box hats, long sleeved gloves, pearls and ‘Jackie O’ oversized sunglasses. Her legacy lives on as glasses brand Ray ban has its own ‘Jackie Ohh’ collection and the shades were a prominent feature of Michael Kors A/W 2016 collection at New York Fashion week. Similar sunglass replicas are also available online (Very, John lewis etc) and grace can easily be added to any garment. A wide selection of reading glass versions can be sourced online from Chinese wholesaler Aliexpress.

Winston Churchill

Waistcoat and bow-tie – Hailed as the greatest wartime leader of his time, Churchill’s smart attire animated his insightful and steadfast persona. He was equally applauded for his enduring charisma and wit, most notably throughout times of extreme hardship. His spotty bow-tie perfectly reflects these light-hearted qualities. Waistcoats and bow-ties are currently on-trend, with inclusion in Georgio Armani’s 2016 menswear collection and both items are being sold in mass by the majority of retail giants. Charm can also easily be added to womenswear as bows are dominating the high street in clothing and accessories.