by Maria Campbell

Cultivating happiness in six easy steps

Happiness is difficult to define but it can be so simple to achieve. It is those little gestures & joys that make all the difference in life.


Life can be hard for us all so shine a light with regular gestures of goodwill. Say thank you, smile at strangers, listen to others, buy the big issue, treat a friend to coffee or even just skip the work out and sleep in.


Planning fun times with those we love promotes a sense of excitement as it gives us something to look forward to. Schedule a date night with a friend or partner, cook your favourite foods and share a glass of champagne.

Treat someone to a relaxation massage after a long hard day. As well as naturally detoxing the body and improving muscle tone, massage therapy is known to promote the production of endorphins which make us feel great!

Stimulate the senses and dedicate time to something you personally enjoy. Try a new group exercise class, join a book club or take up cookery lessons. Learning and cultivating our skills is known to boost wellbeing.

Reflect on three things that make you happy each day. This mindful activity gives great insight and appreciation of how much control we have on cultivating true happiness in our lives.

Most importantly take the time to nurture that ‘inner happy’ everyday;

Take a shower to revive & awaken senses – A simple pleasure to reset & stimulate energy.
Soak up the sun safely – Vitamin D invigorates health & inspires happy feelings.
Unplug & tune in – Time with self & others opens mind to positivity & opportunity.
Energise the spirit – Express your creativity with love and intuition.

Any enjoyable activity will provide a positive boost.

Just remember to follow your feel good.