Reading time: 3min.

by Maria Campbell

Feel free to let go

As we go through the rollercoaster of life we can become quite accustomed to our routines and comfort zones. As creatures of habit we like to know what and how to do things. This helps us feel grounded, stable and in control. However, it can also lead to complacency and dissatisfaction. In turn this can cause great unhappiness over time and yet so often we just continue regardless.

The act of letting go of what we know requires far more strength than holding on. But life need not be this way; much of this resistance to change resides in the mind. Self-imposed rules, restrictions, expectations and pressures to be and do things a certain way can be limiting and indeed quite fickle, because so much in life was not meant for manipulation.

If we shift the focus toward a more positive means of control such as: our personal reactions, outlook and attitudes. This empowers us to accept & adapt to things as they are rather then how we think they should be. The art of letting things go is not only freeing, it also opens a world of opportunity and it is something we can choose to do at any time.

The next time you feel compelled to do something you would rather not do, acknowledge the feeling and honour it. React positively, mellow the mind and serve the soul.

Practice letting go of any anxiety, fear and resistance regarding control; trust things happen as they do without overthinking it. The more we try this, the easier it becomes to flow and glow!

It is amazing just how wonderful things can turn out, if we just let it be.

Live light x