Reading time: 7min.

by Melchi Anyinsah-Bondzie

Five simple ways to feel alive again

Oh hai 2016! What’s going on? It’s me, Melchi – you might not know me but you will this year. This is the perfect mind-set to get you into 2016. It’s a new year! Get out of bed, get into something comfortable and go outside. The world is big and it’s full of exciting things for you to do! We’ve lost a lot of people, Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, Joan Rivers and even Shirley Temple. Without sounding shady, life is for the living – so we need to do all that, there’s nothing worse than something really crappy happening and realising you didn’t live the way you should’ve. If you don’t have a bucket list, you should totally make one! Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas, the following 5 are little hints – here we go!

Be one with nature

Now I can just imagine your faces as I say this…but it’s true! The world is full of beautiful places you can sit in. I’m not suggesting you go to your local park and sit amongst used crack spoons and condoms, but there are loads of places in London and the rest of the UK with beautiful views and natural scenery and for the most part – they’re free! Notable mentions include the New Forest; a vast space in Southern England teeming with wildlife, beautiful trees and flowers and some stunning water features. Brecon Beacons National Park gets a shout out too – with over 519 square metres of land, this Southern Wales landscape will have you in awe. Camping is also a really cool idea too, getting back to basics will surprise you.

Adventure trips

There’s nothing like an adventure to keep yourselves on your toes. England appears small, but we’re lucky to have landscape that are largely ‘untouched’ and be surrounded by a mega amount of water. Why not try a spot of (real and supervised) rock-climbing followed by a few laps of a lake then top it all off with a bungee jump. Come on adrenaline, let’s get active!

Get out of your routine once in a while. Be spontaneous

Routine is good, but after a while it sucks and you start to get bored. Very bored. It can be from anything simple like taking a more scenic route to work to something a little more risky and deciding to go somewhere different after work (I know someone that went to NYC randomly with just his suit and briefcase, he never came back – and he’s a big deal over there now…) You never know what might happen. Nine to five one day, head of an empire the next.

Be more aware of yourself

Nothing says ‘alive’ than being yourself. Try something you’ve always wanted to try, say something you’ve always wanted to tell someone. Write a blog, take up a hobby, and learn a language – whatever it is – make sure you’re happy doing it. It’s a bit sentimental, but when you finally expire (in many, many years) you’ll do so knowing you actually lived life doing something you wanted to do.


I appreciate this sounds strange, but you’d be amazed at how much better life seems after a good old clear out. Clean your room, clean your flat – just clean and get rid of those items that have been clouding your space for no reason. You’d be able to breathe a lot better.

Well there you have it, if you find yourself a little bit stuck refer back to this little list. If all else fails – go skinny dipping, which always seems to work. Especially in cold lakes.