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by Natalie Bannerman

Sonar – the modern way to festival

Sónar is the culmination of over 20 years work, the end result is as you’d expect; A festival that defies convention and stands entirely on its own as much more of an experience than just an event.

The team are quite fussy when it comes to events we won’t be found frequenting the typical mud fest in the middle of country fields. Not that we have anything against them but as ever we’re on the hunt for someone new, something exciting and something unlike any other. So when we happened across Sónar that’s when the love affair began and we’ve been head over heels ever since.

2016 see’s us set to return to Spain in search of more electronic delights and with the likes of Santigold, Kaytranada & Lady Leshurr on the bill, we won’t be disappointed.

But what makes this festival so great I hear you say? Well in short Sónar boasts an innovative concept of Sónar by day, Sónar by Night and Sónar +D. Sónar by day is the daytime part of the festival where DJ’s, concerts & showcases take place. Its the best place for those who want to enjoy the festivities without going too hard-core. Sónar by night is for the real ravers and those killing it on the international stage. Do not expect to be home before the morning. Sónar +D however is for those looking for more of the professional experience, largely centred around technology and new media. Its here that you’ll find discussions, debates, exhibition as well as networking and new business opportunities. In short “It all came together as a visionary premonition from the three co-directors, the fact that Barcelona has been the home of Sónar and one of the first cities (post olympic) that offered that option – to have a festival in the city centre- and the fact that at the time it was presented as a music meeting and not a ‘night rave’.” Now if you weren’t already sold, to top it all off the entire festival takes place in the gorgeous and hot Barcelona. Beats rain, mud and wellies any day of the week we say!