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by Natalie Bannerman

Good News: Changing the world one step at a time

In the spirit of all things underrepresented, emerging and ‘other’, we kick off 2020 with a new London-based footwear designer called Good News.

This niche urban brand champions sustainability with trainers (or sneakers as they are described on their site) featuring: recycled rubber soles, organic cotton and weave uppers, and recycled eco-lite footbed.

Aesthetically their products are reminiscent of classic Converse meets Vans with a throwback familiarity that seems to belong to an earlier decade. Think bright colours, block heels and comfortability.

If that weren’t enough, Good News also cuts back on its carbon, chemical and water footprint by using fewer processes in its manufacturing. In addition, it gives back to its workers by monitoring its supply chain to promote a fair trade and donates dead stock and faulty shoes to the homeless and refugees in need.

To date the company has worked with such organisations as the Good Luck Shoes Project, an initiative which helps provide functional footwear to migrants arriving in Italy, as well as Dream Catchers, an organisation that gives children homes while teaching them to dance. Lastly, the United Shoe Recycle Company that encourages people to dispose of their shoes and clothing responsibly by recycling through Banks & Containers placed at many locations across the UK.

To me they represent the future of fashion, easy to wear, simplistic and sustainable. In other words, looks good, does good!