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by Melchi Anyinsah-Bondzie


I’m dubbing 2020 the year of Ethereal Pop and Alt R’n’B and honestly, I am here for it. With the likes of FKA Twigs, Kelela, Grimes and Lorde – I have no qualms with adding a new name to that list. Meet UK-born Sarah Faith Griffiths more commonly known as GRIFF.

From the elemental production to her sultry tone and that damn impressive ponytail (no you should really see it – it’s THAT fab) it’s very clear that GRIFF is an individual who is already making waves within the industry and amongst music fans.

2019 saw the release of her debut single and EP of the same name, Mirror Talk. The song itself is extremely vulnerable, in the way it’s sung, the lyrics and the production. All of which are brought together to tell a story of self-conflict and doubt. The EP is a beautiful emotional journey through the ecstatic ups and somewhat melodramatic lows of teenage life. Songs like Paradise explore themes of hope and the need for better, while Didn’t Break It Enough is your archetypal break-up song that takes us through the motions of longing for someone that hurt us. Her song writing is beyond her years and is very reminiscent of a young Kate Bush – there’s almost a lament-like quality to her work, which is poetic, heart-breaking and optimistic.


Born to Chinese and Jamaican parents, her first experience with music – like many great songstresses – was through church. She then borrowed her brother’s Logic and began writing and producing her own music. So the 18-year-old musician is not only a talented singer, she also produces her own work.

When she’s not making beautiful songs, GRIFF also makes her own clothes. Hot off the heels of a A-Level in Textiles, her individuality shines through her creations, which can you see in most of her music videos and photos. If she ever decided to release merchandise, take my money. She is literally doing everything herself and in her own way, which is commendable in a world that is obsessed with boxing people in.

GRIFF’s music speaks to directly to her era. Generation Z are more open, accepting, self-aware and seemingly freer than previous groups and honestly it that shines through her music. It’s youthful, but remains identifiable in the way only good stories can.

There’s something that’s so honest about her music – it’s stripped, uncomplicated and unapologetically her. It works so well because it’s something that people are increasingly wanting, that authenticity and no-nonsense music that is easy on the ears and relatable.

Even now scrolling through the comments under her videos on YouTube and someone comments “this is the type of music I would have an existential crisis to”, it’s real! Other comments like, “…if there is anyone who deserves to go far, this is that person. Such an amazing voice and isn’t pretentious in any way. Lovely to hear a fresh new sound,” are already a testament to where GRIFF is heading.

The future looks bright for GRIFF and 2020 is set to be an exciting year for her.