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by Natalie Bannerman

Hayden Williams a rising star

There are two types of people on Instagram ‘posers’ and ‘nosers’, I myself am a noser. Basically all this means is I nose around through other peoples photos and have not a single one up myself. Sounds bad I know but my life really isn’t really interesting enough to post any of my own photos and who really cares enough to post pictures of food and mundane stuff like that. It was during one of my nosing around sessions that a friend of mine liked a picture of some amazing illustration and that is when my fascination with Hayden Williams began.

Hayden Williams a 24 year old fashion illustrator and designer from London, has made a name for himself not only as a promising young designer but an amazing fashion illustrator. His designs have been praised by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Rihanna and Beyonce while Oprah has even had her personal portrait framed! Drawing from the age of 3 Hayden a self taught illustrator started out drawing female Disney characters and once perfected this then led onto him studying fashion design at Barking College and then Ravensbourne University.

Since then he has had features in the likes of Vogue & Elle magazines to name but a few, he had partnered up with British fashion icon Kate Moss and Rimmel London for her Icon Eyes collection and his designs for Beyonce’s Mrs Carter World Tour back 2014 led to him creating exclusive designs to feature on her site.

Hayden’s drawings are mature and elegant in tone and rather than drawing from existing images he creates them all in his signature fashion style wearing head to toe original HW creations. They a variety of edgy, sophisticated and vintage, so much to see and choose from, everyone has a favourite.

Head over to or follow him on Instagram at hayden_williams to see some of your favourites stars in classic HW style. Although he’s achieved so much already, he not done yet, I predict big things for this rising star!