by Maria Campbell

How to soothe self

Stress and anxiety can weigh us all down at times, but you can overcome these feelings by using your senses to feel light again.

A conscious connection with the sensory system enables us to de-stress. It brings us into a present state of mind, distracting us from past or future thoughts associated with unease.

When we stimulate the senses we engage emotionally with mind and body to trigger the relaxation response, which in turn settles the nervous system.

Lets explore some sensory self-soothing strategies.


Our skin is very sensitive to the sensation of touch – tune in and use it as a tool to feel calm.

Immerse in water to wash away the woes – take swim or have a shower, try massage therapy, put on comfy clothes or warm up by the fire. Pay attention to the feeling of relaxation that arises.

Make contact with others often too – hold hands, kiss and hug for an instant feel good!


As Autumn sets in its natural to crave comfort in warmth, substance and creamy flavours. Savour nourishing and nostalgic foods including fresh thick soups and hearty stews.

Take a break from a manic moment with a soothing hot drink and sip it slowly. Also, eat regularly throughout the day to avoid blood sugar crashes, irritability and anxiousness.


Evoke feelings of comfort with particular aromas – think of fresh home cooking, newly washed linen, or that signature scent of a loved one.

A breath of seasonal air and fresh flowers can also ease an anxious mind.

Aromatherapy is a natural means of relief and relaxation. Particular calming fragrances include Lavender, Vanilla, Rose & Bergamot – light candles, incense or use a diffuser to neutralise stress.


Picture peace and positivity at any time to distract from discomfort. Look out of the window, admire the view or watch the clouds pass to release the mind.

It is also works to recall positive memories, hopes and inspirations. Keep sentimental imagery close by and reflect upon the positive associated feelings. Eye contact and sharing smiles work too!


Music is a fantastic way to improve emotional your state, it uplifts, inspires and relaxes us. Try listening to tunes that resonate or learn to play an instrument to help combat tension.

Also, use positive self-affirmations to quieten doubts and fears – focus on affirmations and mantras that bring strength and motivation during times of challenge.

Explore the power of your own senses. Tap in intuitively at any time to relax the mind.

The key is to simply focus on the task at hand.

Be present x