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by Maria Campbell

Magnesium the miracle macro-mineral

This incredible mineral has a plethora of health benefits:

Sleep well: Magnesium deficiencies disrupt melatonin our natural sleep inducing hormone.

Relaxation: It eases tension and boosts mood hormones to calm the nervous system.

Muscle health: It facilitates the growth of muscle mass and enhances cell energy stores.

Bone strength: It is a powerful nutrient needed to protect enamel & bone loss.

Flexibility: It naturally releases muscle tension preventing cramps and inflammation.

Body balance: It promotes an alkaline PH level in the body, reducing pain from lactic acid.

Hydrating: It works alongside electrolyte minerals: potassium, phosphate, sodium and calcium, for effective hydration.

Natural sources of Magnesium include:

Sea salt, dark leafy greens, raw nuts, legumes, fish, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, wholegrains, avocado, bananas and milk.

Without magnesium, our cells would be depleted of energy, our muscles would not contract and relax properly, and vital hormonal interactions would not occur to support processes and the efficiency of internal systems.

Common signs of a magnesium deficiency include: insomnia, weakness, muscle cramps, even tremors, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, dizziness, poor memory and confusion. It can also lead to further deficiencies in calcium and potassium, as the presence of magnesium is needed for the absorption of these two minerals.

To boost magnesium levels, make the most of natural sources and supplements. Also try to reduce your intake of refined sugars as these can cause our kidneys to excrete stored supplies.

Always consult a health care professional to discuss symptoms before commencing any supplementation.

Happy health x