Reading time: 3min.

by Maria Campbell

Make peace with imperfection – take a lesson from nature

So beautiful and yet quite imperfect in form. Our natural environment is a profound world of contrast and yet it offers incredible equilibrium between the simple and complex. There is something quite magical that resonates within us when we embrace the great outdoors. It takes us beyond the confines of the mind and brings us home to the heart.

Step outside & embrace the summer spirit, invigorate the senses with the sights, sounds and scents. Notice the different shapes and systems, feel the harmony, immerse in the elements exactly as they are and bring balance to mind, body and soul. A daily dose of fresh air, colour and greenery shifts your mind-set and energies positively. It reduces stress by quietening the mind, whilst improving mood, immunity and general wellbeing.

Imperfection is natural and something to celebrate in our surroundings, in us and in others. It is those cracks after all, that allow the shine to come through.

In life, constantly striving for perfection is so tiring and unattainable in the end. The constant pressure to be flawless can cause such physical imbalance and mental unease.

Soften those expectations; ignore those judgements. Appreciate the authenticity and value of learning, take time, experiment, make mistakes and honour the process that is the cycle of life. It is not something to manipulate but rather something to accept and admire.

Imperfection is our tool to Discover, Realise, Learn and Evolve into something far superior to convention.

Live light. Live life x