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by Maria Campbell

Why massage matters

Stress is known to be one of the greatest contributors to disease and continued unhappiness. It is also becoming more and more difficult to avoid in our daily lives.

Thankfully however, there are plenty of ways we can positively manage it. One simple and effective method to reduce any dis-ease within the body is to engage in regular, complementary therapies such as massage to support on-going holistic health.

Remedial massage is not only relaxing it is also a fantastic way of releasing stress, whilst bringing mind and body back into balance naturally. Next time you are feeling a little off key, why not consider adding massage therapy into your self-care regime.

Here are some of the wonderful wellness benefits it can provide:

  1. It increases sleep quality, concentration and energy.
  2. It reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue.
  3. It increases mobility, flexibility and coordination.
  4. It reduced aches, pains and dependence on medication.
  5. It stimulates flow and healing in the lymph, the body’s natural defence system.
  6. It improves circulation, tissue re-generation and skin condition.
  7. It releases trapped nerves, spasms and cramping.
  8. It produces endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.
  9. It relieves tension and promotes relaxation.

It is just so important to build time and space for self-care into our daily lives. Be inspired and invest in your best today.

Bright in balance x