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by Natalie Bannerman

Meet Hilary MacMillan: The cruelty-free, body-positive brand for women

Introducing Hilary MacMillan (HMM), a contemporary cruelty-free luxury brand based in Canada.

We happened across our new-found discovery as one normally does, that’s right, on our Twitter feed. Founded in 2013, HMM has become synonymous with creating versatile pieces with timeless silhouettes. In other words, they create classics not trends!

High-quality fabrics, attention grabbing colours and textures all the all keeping the modern-day woman in mind, perfectly summarises the brand.

However, it is HMM’s decision to become cruelty-free, a move that begun with its SS19 collection, that truly stuck out to us. Since then, the brand has actively phased out silks and wools, with only a few pieces of its older styles still left in its online store.

In the company’s own words, HMM aims to “create stylish and quality wardrobe must haves that celebrate the glorious female form in its diverse expressions all whilst embracing ethical manufacturing practices.”

On personal note we love the company’s Feminst Capsule that features a number of varsity jackets with slogans such as ‘Equal Pay’, ‘Don’t Tell Me to Smile’ and “GRL PWR’ emblazoned on the back. If that weren’t enough 15% of the sales proceeds from the collection is going to Up With Women, a charity dedicated to helping recently homeless and at-risk women in Canada.

For its upcoming SS20 collection, HMM is expanding its sizes to include 4X and 28 for a capsule collection within the wider SS!9 collection itself. The goal? To deliver on brands ethos of inclusiveness, specifically with the female form in all its different shapes and sizes.

Aesthetically, the SS20 collection (pictured below) is filled with pastel blues, juxtaposing textures, classic trench coats and of course statement black pieces – any single piece of which could form a staple look for any woman’s wardrobe. In three words: clean, sharp and bold.