Reading time: 3min.

by Natalie Bannerman

Patricia Araújo: AFW editorial

Some finds are a little too good not to share. This past Tuesday I found myself once again, in the middle of one of my epic internet wanders. You know the ones when you start out looking for one thing but twenty clicks later you find yourself completely lost and looking at something no where near relevant to your original search.

Yeah one of those. But all is not lost because sometimes, just sometimes theres light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a reason why you’re so easily distracted, a reason why these mindless wanders are ok.

I give you … Patricia Araújo. Now before I continue on with my complete and total adoration of her work, can I just say I can’t find an official website, Facebook or Twitter page for her. So annoyingly this is her only piece of work I’ve seen but thats enough for me.

Recently and in celebration of Angola Fashion Week 2016 Patricia shot an editorial for the fashion event and I was in love. Theres something almost regal in the images. The composition is so simple, clean and sleek. Offset with stunning and strikingly beautiful brown skinned models, in vivid and bold colours.

The designs themselves showcase a mixture of pattern and texture to highlight its organic appeal. Mixing the traditional cultural designs of the region, with a modern fusion to create something entire new and luxurious. Its high fashion with artistic undertones and I for one am sold.