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by Maria Campbell

The power of pilates

Pilates. This wonderful low impact workout provides complete conditioning for the mind and body.

It focuses on correct breath and bodily alignment techniques, which help us become more in-tune with our movements. This is paramount to sporting performance, injury prevention and recovery, as well as good posture and our overall health.

Pilates is an all-encompassing exercise that teaches us to breath properly, which not only reduces stress, but it also: builds core strength, flexible lean muscles and ensures strong fluid mobility which powerful and helps us to function at our best in life.

Core strength – Abs & Back

Pilate’s exercises commonly focus in on the centre of our bodies, to train abdominals and the muscles that protect and ensure the agility of a healthy spine

Lean muscles – Flexibility

Pilates lengthens and strengthens muscle elasticity and joint movement. A wonderful model that balances strength and flexibility that both supports and protects during high impact activities.

Complete conditioning – Balance

Muscular imbalance can occur with repetitive forms of exercise, it can even cause chronic injury and back pain. Pilates however works to correct and train the whole body equally – we therefore become more evenly balanced, which results in better performance and less injury.

Everyone can benefit

It is a wide-ranging exercise that is gentle on the body and often is used as part of physiotherapy to rehabilitate. However, it can also be made more challenging with props and modifications to suit all fitness levels. Key sporting professionals even see it has an integral part of their regimes.

Give it a try and energise your vitality!