by Maria Campbell

Shine on the spring

Spring is an incredible time of year, it creates a real sense of hope, wonder and opportunity for us all, particularly after the long winter blues. That morning commute becomes ‘almost’ enjoyable with all the natural beauty and colour that crosses our paths.

Daffodils smile brightly amidst arrays of tulips and primroses on every corner. The trees are blossoming, the birds are singing happily and the sun is out to play for longer! This gives us more freedom to make time for our loved ones and ourselves.

It is therefore, no wonder, we feel happier, more energised and at peace at this time of year. We naturally awake earlier and become more productive with our time that just feels good. There is so much to look forward to with summer on its way, long weekends, BBQs, garden parties, beach walks & talks, eating alfresco, being outdoors and the amazing sense of opportunity and connection it all brings.

Self-care spring clean:
Revitalise your environment & thought processes by making positive changes to what no longer works. By forming new habits, no matter how small, we gain a sense of confidence and strength!

It could be a simple as clearing out a bedroom, work desk or anywhere cluttered and chaotic. Great peace of mind and clarity comes from the simple act of doing. When things accumulate, they cause a sense of overwhelm and doubt, clearing the away removes this negativity helping us feel lighter, free and able.

Sleep well, rise ready:
Get to bed before midnight, aiming for 8 hours sleep to heal and rejuvenate from the daily grind. Treasure a little extra time in the morning without starting the day in a mindless rush. This will set the foundation for a fabulous day come rain or shine.

Mindful mornings:
Set good intentions and start each day positively:
– Prepare a fresh smoothie or lemon water to refresh & revitalise.
– Exercise – walk the dogs, meet a friend for a jog, swim, join a gym class or do yoga.
– Tackle that to do list and do the most difficult task first.
– Note 5 things to feel grateful for.
– Wear a favourite accessory or colour.
– Show someone you love them.
– Smile!

Just some inspiration to carry spring, hope & happiness with you the whole year through.

Image courtesy of Maria Campbell