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by Maria Campbell

Sleep, rise and shine

Sleep is essential for balanced wellbeing. It supports our brain in body repair and enables essential processes that rejuvenate and protect against daily stress, promoting ongoing physical and mental performance.

Take on board these tips to reap the bright benefits which include better immunity, mood, appetite, focus and indeed a refreshing and renewed zest for life!

Herbal teas: Try Chamomile or Valerian before bed, to naturally calm the nervous system.
Lavender: Add to a warm bath or place under a pillow, an essential oil known to soothe and make way for a peaceful night’s rest.

Magnesium: A diet rich in this anti stress nutrient promotes rest and relaxation. Eat plenty of wholegrains, green leafy vegetables and use natural sea salt to season meals.

Melatonin: You can boost production of this sleep hormone with regular sunlight exposure. Also through diet, enjoy bananas, oats and fresh ginger which are rich in minerals that calm us down.

Exercise: Regular activity cleanses the body, reducing tension and clearing mind clutter that can keep us up at night. Incorporate enjoyable exercise into the everyday and see how positively this enhances sleep wake patterns, whilst stabilising energy and mood.

Sleep well smoothie inspiration…

Milk: Calcium rich to soothe with tryptophan to induce key sleep hormones.
Banana: Full of melatonin and serotonin, our bodies natural sleep aids.
Almonds: A good source of magnesium that promotes muscle relaxation.
Nutmeg: Another natural relaxant to ease the nervous system
Honey: Stabilises glycogen stores & blood sugar levels during rest.

Eat & enjoy as an evening dessert or simply blend into bliss to sip & soothe before bed!