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by Maria Campbell

Swimming as therapy

The benefits of swimming are incredible. The active weightless motion effectively trains the cardiovascular system and tones muscles most beautifully. It also enhances posture, energy, rehabilitation, fitness and flexibility, which make the body more resistant against illness and injury.

Furthermore, the positive impact of swimming goes far beyond the physical aspect. It also provides therapeutic balance for mind, body and soul. If you feel stressed, fuzzy, tired or low, simply swim a few laps and notice the shift in energy.

Swimming is a form of holistic healing that can be enjoyed by everyone. The repetitive, freeing, movement and synchronisation of breath, combined with relaxation and welcome peace that water brings provides an outlet to release all physical and mental tension.

Next time you need a break from the grind of everyday life, consider taking a swim and delight in what it feels like to free the mind and feel at peace.

Great ideas, insights & realisations materialise when mind, body & soul are in tune.

Meditate and rejuvenate!

Image courtesy of Maria Campbell