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by Michael Lee

T-girls and admirers

For most people Thursday is that mundane day of the week awkwardly squashed in between Wednesday and Friday. Come 9pm on a typical Thursday evening most people will be sat comfortably perched on the sofa in their front room watching the latest episode of Coronation Street. But as I squeeze my stomach tightly trying to fit into my short black body-con dress in the confines of a cold and damp ladies’ toilet cubicle inside a sex club, for me this is a normal Thursday night. Welcome to the life of a T-girl.

What is a T-girl? A T-girl is a male by birth who is either dressing as or living as a female. T-Girl (short for Trans-Girl) is the generally accepted “polite” way of referring to Transgendered or Transsexual Girls.

Inside this T-girl fetish sex club is a mish-mash of characters, all in different shapes and sizes. Big burly builders dressed in pink dresses with a pint in one hand discussing electronics and sockets while adjusting their knickers. Thai girls huddled together on the red leather sofas looking naturally and convincingly feminine, as middle-aged men walk past in just fishnet tights and suspenders. Not all T-girls ventured to these types of establishments. Some were at home just like everyone else, sipping tea while perched on the settee, but tonight the oddities and eccentric gather, seeking thrills and admiration from wandering eyes watching from the flickering shadows in the darkened corner of the club, admiring afar the sight of broad-shouldered men strutting around in tight leather dresses and 6 inch heels.

So who are these so called admirers and what is their attraction towards T-girls? Admirers are by definition ‘heterosexual’ men yet they have sexual relations and desirability towards T-girls. Many of these men have girlfriends, wives, families and children and who you would never expect to have a fondness for transsexuals. Hooded young black boys and Jewish men in full attire that are more likely to be found praying in a synagogue instead of on their knees with a T-girl. Skinny Indian boys fornicating with oversized transsexuals dressed as little Bo peep. Muslim men rubbing the legs of a 6 ft 4 T-girl called Honey as suited office workers relive the stress of the day with a massage from a T-girl called Betty, who on the outside is really a plumber called Bill.

In a society that really only recognises straight, gay and bi-sexuality, who are the men that are sexually drawn to t-girls? What is the attraction? T-girls are essentially men dressed in female clothing, they have a penis (normally tucked away in frilly underwear) and process all the male features one would expect, Adams apple, stubble, 5’0 clock shadow and height, though most are naturally feminine, they are still in theory, men. If you tell an admirer they must be homosexual because realistically they are just sleeping with a man in dress, they will swear blindly they are not gay. For you see, admirers are not attracted to men, they are attracted towards men in dresses, it’s like a place squashed in between gay and straight, but not bisexuality. Just like a Thursday lodged in between a Wednesday and a Friday, it often gets overlooked.

So what is the attraction to t-girls? There are many reasons that have been put out there, one of which being that these men are attracted to their own penis (a kind of auto-eroticism) and therefore are capable of feeling attraction for a penis, a penis dressed up in a dress of course. Since T-girls very closely approximate women, they are capable of feeling attraction towards a transsexual.

Another reason is the ‘accessibility’ of T-girls. In a society that promotes female empowerment, simply just ‘getting laid’ seems to be a bit of a hassle for straight men who simply just want to have no strings attached sex. T-girls, for the most part in the T-girl scene are easy, easy in the sense that it lacks charm or wine and dining to get into their lacy knickers. ‘’I like the benefits of being with a T-girl. I can bust deep inside the pussy (anus) which fits my dick like a glove, unlike a vagina, no pregnancy, low key, appreciative and unapologetically feminine’’ a firm and long-time T-girl admirer was quoted as saying.

Other admirers have said that T-girls are more sexually adventurous than straight females, who according to admirers can be ‘’boring’’. T-girls in this sex club have no limitations; you want to pound their anus until it’s throbbing and red? No problem. You want to piss on their face and ejaculate in their mouth? No questions asked. As loud moans echo through the red lit corridors of this T-girl sex club, you have to wonder where the unassuming wives and girlfriends think their significant others are on this late Thursday night.

When it comes down to it, no one can really pin point why admirers are attracted to T-girls. It’s like asking why other men sexually arouse homosexuals and why the male figure turns them on. They don’t know exactly why this happens, why their body reacts this way, all they know is that it does, and it feels good. Ultimately that is the relationship between an admirer and a T-girl, even though parts of society might not quite understand it or think it’s wrong, for the participants involved, it just feels right. Even if it is in secret, behind closed doors.