by Maria Campbell

The answer to anxiety

During stress, learn to manage your mind so anxiety doesn’t manage you.

BREATHE: Shallow and rapid chest breathing is a natural response to stress, causing emotional unease. Focus on mindful controlled deeper abdominal breathing to ease nerves whilst increasing energy, relaxation and clarity.

MOTION: Gentle and repetitive physical activity like swimming, walking or even cleaning can provide an outlet to release stress. Movement provides a positive distraction from our worries, whilst naturally releasing endorphins for a more positive outlook.

BALANCE: A tired mind causes tension and irrational thinking, leading to poor decisions and associated anxiety. Prioritise time for rest and leisure activities, whilst adopting a flexible and realistic approach to that schedule.

LOVE: Pleasure naturally eases anxiety, so your free heart & mind by hugging, kissing and laughing! Always schedule joyful activity to look forward to and feel grateful for.

ACCEPTANCE: Always remember, every feeling is temporary, anxiety included. Let go of resistance and accept that the feelings will pass. Trust that light always follows dark.

Live well.