Reading time: 5min.

by Michael Lee

Vagina of mass destruction

Why is the female body still seen as a public forum open to discussion? Judged, ridiculed, harassed or simply portrayed as a nuclear weapon that will destroy and wipe out all mankind. People still have something to say when it comes to the vagina, breast, bum or nipples, but why? What is the social fascination with female’s ‘lady parts’? And why does the talk of female equality still cause so much controversy?

Well firstly, let’s get a few things straight. Female nipples are not grenades, the vagina is not a ticking time bomb that will detonate within an inch of contact of a throbbing penis, breasts have not got machine guns attached to them that will automatically fire bullets to enemy targets, and the bum is simply two rounded portions of the anatomy, located on the posterior of the pelvic region. But why does the sight of female flesh still cause mass hysteria and general discomfort to a strange bigoted portion of society?

From prudes who hate the sight of mums breastfeeding their new gulping new-borns in public, to social media sites like Instagram who censor the mere sight of a female nipple. Even in the 21st century, the curvaceous and voluptuous shape of a female can leave some stuffy sections of civilization squeamish at the mere thought of something so buxom and bosomy.

It’s seemly socially acceptable for men to have their nipples on show, but for women it’s not. Now, not that I am complaining about having shirtless biceped men walking idly on the streets, but why are women restricted to the confines of their bra? When did the breast become sentenced to a life in jail? What’s so offensive about nipples on a female as opposed to a male? And what is the difference? Nipples are nipples surely? Regardless if they are etched on a man or a woman. Unfortunately, the objectification and sexualisation of women still exists, with bare naked breasts still seen as a beacon of eroticism and sexual desire. Even a breastfeeding middle aged mum innocently supplying milk to her infant child feels the wrath of the strait-laced moral police. Maybe next time a breastfeeding mother is asked to cover up or leave the premises in shame, she should squirt that pretentious prude with milk, ideally of the acid face melting kind. With the portrayal of nipples as satanic and devilish it would be a pretty accurate response.

In the age of media and television, women are constantly reminded of how an ideal female body should be. A woman is not supposed to hunger for power, for sex or for independence. On the contrary, she is expected to nurture others. In other parts of the world this stance still holds true, women are stoned for simply being comfortable in their own skin, facing objectification and ownership while barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Women are forced to submit all free will and exist in shunned silence behind a darkened veil under primitive man and his godly imagination. Perish the thought of the sight of a bare faced woman, earthquakes would surely quake and volcanos erupt.

But the finger of blame cannot entirely fall on man. Some women criticize and judge other women in a derogatory manner simply for expressing their individuality and desires. A generation once screamed ‘’girl power’’ from the top of their lungs, standing strong and tall while signifying the peace sign high up in the air, yet today girls call other girls ‘’slut’’ just for showing an inch of skin and having a good time. What ever happened to individuality? Did it go out of fashion? She who dares wins, but when did we become a world of mundane conformists?

Why is a woman ‘slut shamed’ for having sex with one or multiple partners yet a man who does the same, is placed on a throne as they bask in greatness and superiority? If a woman kisses the lips of another she is passed sentence and deemed a ‘’whore’’ and if she dares, has the audacity to have a voice or an opinion is forever known as a ‘’bitch’’. Dare to be different they said, be yourself they said, yet they all continue to laugh, point and stare. What ever happened to female solidarity? Was it all just a myth? What happened to that promise of female equality, was it all just an illusion dreamt up by bra burning feminists in the 1960’s?

When did we become a society where a woman cannot walk down the streets without feeling the beady eyes of some men and their arrogant and exaggerated sense of desirability? No! She does not want his number and no! She does not appreciate his woof whistles and primitive mate calling; she simply just wants to walk home without being sexually harassed. When did we become a society where a woman cannot wear a dress without getting unwanted stares? Just because she shows her legs it does not mean she wants an erectile penis in between them.