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by Polly Loughlin

Vive la Brexit

Whenever I think I regret Brexit, I talk to a loser ‘remainer’ and remember why I am so glad.

It’s all gone to shit they say – or words to that effect, unable to grasp the fantastic opportunity they have been bequeathed.

And I read that there are Brexit voters who have had a volte face and regret their decision because “promises have been broken”, which is ridiculous, as there has been no time for ideals to come to fruition.

At no point did anybody promise that stability would come immediately. We all knew that the pound would plummet and that the conservative party would be in disarray.

Smug – that’s the word that summarises every remain argument characterised by an authoritarian dismissal of the concerns of ordinary people and a fear of the unknown which manifested itself in despicable scare propaganda I’m delighted not everybody fell for.

And we had the technocrats, the economists, Obama and the self-serving celebrities patronising us – saying we were crazy and ridiculous. They are just like the musicians on the Titanic playing their jaunty tune as the good ship European Union sinks.

We shall be free – no longer paying to be part of an anachronistic and undemocratic club. Its not just the money, it’s the stifling bureaucracy imposing ludicrous rules like what we need to put on jam labels and daily farmer protocol.

An outlandish claim is that the lives of young people have been forever ruined, which is a highly disingenuous lie – we now live in a country wholly more democratic and efficient and accountable, not lost in a sea of papers in Brussels.

Immigration, a major reason why many voted to leave, will of course be better under the control of the British government as oppose to the whims of the open arms of Angela Merkel, the woman, who with her misguided compassion is responsible for over 1000 sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in Germany. Additionally, why should immigration policy be skewed in favour of EU countries as oppose to our Commonwealth buddies, whom we share a closer history?

I heard a lot of relentless left wing nonsense scare tactics- the idea that our LGBT rights et al will be diluted by our liberation is preposterous, many socially liberal countries are not EU members, Iceland for example, land of Bjork, amazing counterattacking football and the first elected woman and openly gay head of state.

As for security concerns, we have NATO, as a permanent security council we have our beloved declared nuclear weapons and the Five Eyes agreement with the rest of the Anglosphere.

We are trailblazers into a freer world of state sovereignty. Britain has started a revolution, which will bring about Frexit, Czexit, Nexit …

So now I have the chance to feel smug. Even though the remain campaign had the glamour of the Beckhams, Harry Potter and the Premier League, they still lost.