Reading time: 2min.

by Natalie Bannerman

Why we need Sanjay!


I LIVE for work that champions a completely different cultural experience. I can’t explain the joy I felt when I saw that Pixar Animation Studios had just released the following short movie.

Not only is it Pixar’s first Indian family onscreen (way over due if you ask me) it explores the common dilemma faced by many who are living within cultures and societies that differ from their own. In todays ever increasing multiculturalism, immigration and integration it’s a theme that is more universal than one would first imagine. What resonated with me aside from the intergenerational differences that most of us can relate to is the religious aspect. He counteracts the typical box standard image we have in mind of religious deities and portrays them as kickass superheroes.

This short film charters into unknown territories, and open the doors for greater diversity in animation as a whole. It educates those who are unaware and pays homage to a different set of beliefs making it inclusive and all encompassing.

In short Sanjay’s Super Team is SO needed and so relevant right now. Masterfully done with something almost sensitive and nostalgic to it. I for one can’t wait to see what they do next!