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by Maria Campbell

Wishing for whiter teeth

We are all striving to feel and look our best one way or another! The wish for whiter brighter teeth is a popular one and many go to great costs to reach the ideal. This is simply because it is believed to boost both appearance and self-confidence.

But did you know there are many natural ways to grant that very wish too…

Avoid discolouring food & drinks:

The obvious includes Coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and wine, but also consider other types of food that cause actual discoloration to teeth enamel. Highly acidic citrus fruits, cranberries and tomatoes are best balanced out with more alkaline forming nutrients found in bananas, nuts and leafy green vegetables.

Stop smoking:
In terms of dental damage, smoking stains teeth, contributes to gum disease and forms of mouth cancer. Furthermore, it is a well-documented harmful habit that is detrimental to overall health.

Brush after every meal:
Regular brushing removes build-up of food stains and prevents decay. Do however avoid brushing straight after eating acidic foods, as this will weaken enamel.

Happy hydration:
Sipping water throughout each day is a simple way to keep teeth white and bright as it stops stains from forming! Try to avoid fizzy water though as this may weaken tooth surfaces. 

Eat textured fruits & vegetables:
Specifically eating crunchy fruits and veg like Apples, Carrots and Celery increase saliva production. This breaks down sugars and other harmful chemicals that contribute to decay and staining.

Oil pulling
A whitening method commonly practised in Ayurvedic medicine involves swirling natural oil around the mouth for fifteen minutes. Coconut, Sesame seed or sunflower oils are swished daily to absorb oral germs and remove bacteria when oil is spit out.
As you can see there are various effective natural ways to brighten teeth and bring out those beautiful smiles in us all. These suggestions will likely have a positive impact and should always be used in conjunction with professional dental care for best results.