by Maria Campbell

Writing for wellbeing

Taking the time to journal is so worthwhile. It provides a personal outlet that enables us to express and channel our thoughts positively. Here are some of the wonderful benefits it brings to mental health and wellbeing.

CLARITY: The pace of life can be fast and often overwhelming; this can lead to a monkey-muddled mind. The simple act of making a list however, brings a sense of order and reassurance to our world. It can also positively influence how we prioritise, achieve our goals and maintain a perspective on things.

DISCOVERY: The mind is constantly churning out thoughts and insights in response to all that we experience. We can do well to document certain whispers of wisdom as they come up, even in our dreams! Quite often our subconscious thoughts can be of significant meaning to the greater whole.


RELEASE: Writing it out is also a great way to let go of manifested emotions including anger, sadness and fear. It works just like exercise does to relax the muscles in our bodies. It relieves the tensions within the mind to calm and centre us once more.

RESOLUTION: Journaling can even help to problem solve and explore who we are. Having mind blocks is common and it can be difficult to come up with ideas when we need them. Simply sitting with a pen and paper and letting things flow without expectation can be quite enlightening in what comes up. Give it a go!

AWARENESS: We so often worry ahead of time, regretting the past, even thinking the worst possible outcome. The key is to remember that these thoughts aren’t real, putting them into words and seeing them on paper brings us into the present. It heightens our awareness of those thought patterns and behaviours to work on and change.

Thoughtful therapy x